Social media pros and cons

Social media pros and cons

Social media pros and cons – Social media is a whole new world altogether. There are people on it we don’t know, there are people who we know but haven’t met in years, there are people whom we never want to meet as well, there are people who we see daily, there are people who wish to meet but cannot, and so many kinds of people.

Social media pros and cons – Some people inspire us, some get judged by us, some are ignored by us, some are loved by us, some love us back, and so many different kinds of people. Social media is a new place where we love spending enough time.

But, there are both pros and cons of social media in our daily life. Let us read about the social media pros and cons below. 

Social media pros and cons

Social media pros and cons
Social media pros and cons

Social media pros and cons


  • Helps us stay in touch with our friends and family

The main aim of social media was to let us stay in touch with our friends and families. It was majorly for the people who were distant from us so that we could hear from them quite often. Till now, this still is the best thing about social media where we can see what our closed ones or acquaintances are upto. 

  • Gives us a platform to showcase our creativity

You might have seen a lot of people showing their creativity in form of doodles, photographs, editing, fashion, home decor, art, and various other things on social media. It is such a good place to show your at be it whatever and gain audiences over time who would appreciate it. 

  • Keeps us informative with the latest news

Most of the millennial do not watch the news. Do we? Still we are totally informed of everything that is happening around. How is that? It is because of the social media where every news comes up and we get them before anyone else does. This is the best thing about social media these days. 

  • Gives everyone a platform to speak and put up an opinion

We have the freedom of speech but where did we spoke and put our opinions forefront up till now? May in front of our families, friends, and colleagues! But, now we could put our opinions in front of the whole world and let everyone see what we are thinking.

Social media pros and cons
Social media pros and cons

We could even tag the person or the occasions related to the topic and let the concerned person see what we are thinking. 

  • Improves our lifestyle 

We see tonnes of fashion and lifestyle influences showing the best life on social media. This helps us improve our lifestyle by knowing about different countries, different brands, about living a better life, etc. 

  • Let us be in touch with famous personalities directly

Everyone is on social media these days. We can follow our favorite celebs, business professionals, artists, sportsperson, and everyone directly. We can see what they are upto at what time before any news channel shows that to us. 

  • Lets us showcase our life and achievements 

Got a promotion? Or may you bought a new car? Or you shifted to another country? All your achievements can be shown on this platform to the others to let them know what you are upto. 

  • Great place for a business

For any kind of online business, social media is a great place to start from scratch. You can get followers who like your business and will help you grow. 

Social media pros and cons


  • Affects our mental health in various ways

Excessive use of social media and taking it seriously gets onto our nerves leading to anxiety, depression, overthinking, and various other mental health disorders. A lot of people are suffering from it. 

  • Disturbs our sleep pattern tremendously 

Social media for sure takes a toll on our sleep and the sleep pattern. We all are guilty of being awake late into the night just for using social media and getting cranky the next morning because of the lack of sleep. 

  • Makes us unproductive

The ugly truth about social media is that it is highly addictive and time consuming. When we sit to browse social media, we get restless and unproductive. It takes hours away from us. 

  • Gives us insecurities of various types

Be it the body type issues, issues related to the skin, lifestyle insecurities, paycheck insecurities, relationship insecurities, or any kind of insecurities that is there in the millennial head these days are because of social media and its pressure.

  • FOMO 

FOMO is the fear of missing out. This means we get upset if we feel left out on the things others are doing and we aren’t able to because of any reason. A couple goes out for a dreamy date and posts about it.

Social media pros and cons – You aren’t able to do that for any reason, you get insecurities and end up feeling lonely. 


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