Social media Negative effects

Social media Negative effects

Social media Negative effects – Have you seen people struggling when it comes to quitting smoking? There are many people out there who are addicted smokers and would want to leave this habit but it is entirely very difficult for them to quit smoking.

This is because of a lot of biological reasons and if you have seen someone suffering or juggling between smoking or not smoking then you know how hard that is. Same is with everyone these days who are addicted to social media. The smart phone with unlimited data has got us addicted to social media so badly that we want to quit it and we are unable to do so.

Social media Negative effects

Social media Negative effects
Social media Negative effects

Social media negative effects are something on the toll these days and hence this is the reason why people want to quit social media. There are so many negative effects of social media that most of us are not even able to see or realize it but it is hampering us deep within. 

Before discussing the negative impacts of social media, we would like to say that it is a matter of perspective first of all. It is how we see things unfold. It is all in our minds. Let us explain this with an example. Suppose one of your friends has gone on an International holiday and you see their pictures on the internet.

There could be two things out of this. You can get unhappy seeing them grow in life and enjoy it. This happens because you are not able to do so for any reason or you are stuck with a difficult life phase and others are not. This is a negative thing and the negative thought has brought you in a negative position.

Now let us see from another side. You see a picture of your friend in an International destination enjoying their life and you feel curious about their trip. You want to know about that place, the budget for the trip, the things to do, and how you could enjoy that trip too.

This is a positive effect because of the positive thinking. You don’t care about them enjoying it but you care about your growth. You want to know about a new place and how you can be there too. So, it is all in the head. 

Social media Negative effects

Social media Negative effects
Social media Negative effects

Same happens when any of our peers gets a job hike, or someone gets publicity, we tend to get upset because of human psychology. This is the negative impact of social media. Let us talk about some of the negative effects of social media. 

Social media Negative effects

  • Disturbed Mental health

The most common social media negative effects is the disturbed mental health. It is the mental health that suffers the most because of increased social media usage. We tend to get easily angry over something.

Our good day is ruined by feeling unworthy because of someone else’s achievement and so on. Anxiety, depression, and overthinking are some of the disturbed mental health problems. 

  • Disturbance in the sleep pattern

All of the millennial are guilty of using their smartphones late at night. We genuinely can’t help it because we are addicted to it. It feels difficult to sleep without rummaging Instagram or without talking to people over Whatsapp.

We know we could sleep for more hours if there wasn’t social media but we are somehow helpless. 

  • FOMO

FOMO is fear of missing out. The above example that we gave about the trip where you feel lonely and unworthy because someone else is enjoying the trip then that feeling is FOMO. Someone meets their family at a festival and is posting pictures and you cannot do that and feel lonely, that is FOMO. 

  • Cyber bullying

This one is rather a serious social media negative effect. Some stalking someone and threatening them or harassing them is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is taking someone’s image down publicly through social media as well. 

  • Body Image issues 

Haven’t you seen a picture of an actor or an actress and felt insecure because they are so gorgeous?Well, we need to understand that they are paying lakhs of money to look like that in a particular photo. These things create insecurities and body image issues in our minds. 


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