Social Media and Mental health

Social Media and Mental health

Social Media and Mental health – Social media and mental health have been the topics of discussion for a long time now. Social media was introduced to us to stay in touch with our friends and families. But, with time and growth of social media, our addiction with social media has also increased. It is because the scenario of social media has changed drastically over the years.

Social media is just not about our friends and relatives posting statuses or pictures. It is a lot more. Social media is also a place for vast amounts of information from across the globe in all genres these days. You can also call social media as the news platform because we get to know about so many things through the social media. 

But, with the change of social media and its growth, the way it is affecting the lives of people have also changed. Social media has started to affect the mental health of people. It is all because of our addiction and non stop usage of social media. If we track our time spent on social media in the whole day, we will see how much time we spend doing nothing but just wasting. All this is causing serious mental health issues.

Social Media and Mental health 

Social Media and Mental health
Social Media and Mental health

Social media has a lot of positive effects too but not as much as the negative effects. Or let us just say that it is a matter of perspective and how we see social media.

The short term negative effects of social media are unhappy days and the long term negative effects are anxiety issues, depression, and a lonely life. We do not really realise how these are even true but social media is affecting our lives in great ways. 

First thing that we need to understand that nothing on social media is real. People post the happy pictures of themselves and try to show the positive side of their life. The concept of ever happy is not a thing. We all are humans and we all tend to get upset for some or the other reason over time.

But, we try to show our good side of the life on social media. We put so many filters on our pictures to make them look perfect. There is nothing such as perfect but still we try to be the best versions of ourselves.

Putting filters on our photos becomes a habit because we do not remain comfortable in our skin anymore. We feel insecure and uncomfortable without filters.

This is a small example of how filters can affect our mental health without even letting us realise about it. All of us have bad days but we never show them on our social media. We never share our regular home made food but when we go out we do put fancy food pictures online. This is again how we are pressuring and getting pressurized through social media. 

Obsessively checking Instagram and Facebook is also depriving our sleep quality and quantity. Most of us have the time to sleep for 6 to 8 hours but we cannot because we are constantly checking our social media late at night. Social media and mental health is affected on a daily basis.

Social Media and Mental health
Social Media and Mental health

Our habit of waking up in the morning and instead of meditating or being fast, we spend around 15 to 20 minutes approx on social media. This has become a morning ritual for us which is not good. This habit affects our productivity, makes us slow, and also can ruin our entire mood on some days after seeing something out of the box on the social media. 

Social media and mental health is a serious topic to be discussed these days. There are people suffering from mental health all because of excessive use of social media. Most of the people out there are suffering from body image issues.

There are tonnes of people who are putting their picture perfect photos on social media looking all fabulous and polished. Most of the time these are all photoshopped or perfectly styled that is impossible for the regular people to do on a regular basis. This is where little girls or boys get insecure about their bodies. They hide themselves and not go in public. 

Social media and mental health is a vast topic that needs a lot more attention than it is getting. Special shoutout to the mental health influencers who are doing their bit to eradicate this issue and let the work be a better place. 


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