Names for YouTube channel

Names for YouTube channel

Names for YouTube channel – To start a business on Youtube, it is very important to start with a YouTube channel name. Well, not only for the YouTube business but for all the business, it is important to have a name. The name of the business is going to be its brand identity and brand entity for the whole life.

So, you have to be extremely smart while you are thinking of the names for your Youtube channel. There are various things that go behind the perfect channel name for your YouTube channel.

Names for YouTube channel

Just do not come up with any name randomly because you don’t want to end up changing the names constantly for your channel. So, let us see how you can pick the most perfect name for your channel. 

Let us start with what is a channel name? 

If you are starting a serious career out of Youtube, it is going to be your brand entity forever. The channel name is going to be your official brand name. There can be different kinds of names for the channel and the most popular name for Youtube channels is the personal name of the owner.

Names for YouTube channel
Names for YouTube channel

Names for YouTube channel It is the easiest and the best way in which people will recognize your channel through your own name. If you do not want to put your own name, you can put the names related to the work of your channel. For example, if you are starting a fashion channel, you can give it a name like Fashionista’s world, etc. 

Why are the names for Youtube channels important ? 

As we told earlier, your channel name is the brand name of your business. It is your official channel name through which people are going to recognize you in the longest term. The channel names appear on every video, on your page, and if anyone has to search you in Youtube then they can do it through your channel name only. Channel name is also important for you because it will tell the people and give them an idea about what your channel does. 

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Categories of names for Youtube channel 

There are 4 main categories when it comes to names for the YouTube channel and let us see what those categories are. 

  1. Name – own name 
  2. Brand – the brand name if you are a business
  3. Category – Fashionista’s world 
  4. Descriptive – The room of DIY 

For Youtube, if you are starting as a creator then the best thing to do is to go for your own channel name. This way people will recognise you through your name as the face of the channel. There is a very female entrepreneur, Marie Forleo, who owns a very famous brand and when she started her YouTube channel, she did it with her own name and not the brand’s name. 

Names for YouTube channel – In any case, if you feel that your name does not fit well for your Youtube channel name then you can choose any other name that goes the best and describes your channel the best. 

Names for YouTube channel
Names for YouTube channel

Tips and Strategies of Keeping the best name for your Youtube channel 

  1. The name should describe the entire vibe of your channel – If you are not using your own name as the channel name for your YouTube channel, you can select any other name. But, you have to give a lot of thought here. Your channel name should describe your channel in the best possible way. People should get what your channel is about just through the name. 
  2. Your name should be unique – It is important for the names for Youtube channel to be unique. Along with being descriptive and showing what the channel stands for with the name, it should be unique as well. Do not keep a name that is totally out there but make it unique so that people remember. 
  3. The channel should be sticky – Just as we said that your Youtube channel name should be unique so that it sticks to the minds of your audiences for the longest time. If your channel name is unique, easy, and sticks to the minds of your audience will be the best way to be popular in the audience’s mind. 
  4. Make it easy by spell check and pronunciation – The spelling and the pronunciation of your channel name should be easy so that people can search it easily on Youtube and are also able to pronounce it correctly. 
  5. Do not use numbers – The reason why we are suggesting you not to include numbers in your channel name is because people will feel that the name is auto generated. Youtube suggests names for your channel and hence people will feel that it is auto generated and you haven’t put in efforts to choose a name. 
  6. See your competitors Strategy – Depending upon the strategies of your competitors or your fellow Youtubers, you can find what they have done and you can do the same too. 


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