Instagram Analyzer

Instagram Analyzer

Instagram Analyzer – We have talked enough about the business and marketing on Instagram. We have talked about how Instagram is not a social media tool these days and instead it is one of the most powerful business platforms.

Since it is a major digital platform these days there are enough digital tools available to help the digital businesses. Analysing your performance on Instagram through some tools is great for your business as it helps to see where you stand in the scenario. Some of the metrics for Instagram analyser are as follows:

Instagram Analyzer

Instagram Analyzer
Instagram Analyzer
  • Owl Metrics

The one tool that has all the Instagram analytics function is Owl metrics. This one is used for engagement, hashtag activity, follower growth, competitor accounts, click through rates, etc. It gives you the real time insights on your Instagram business. 

  1. Simply Measured

To see how far you have grown on Instagram can be seen through the metric or an Instagram analyser called Simply measured.

Monitoring the new and the entire follower growth is extremely important for your brand on Instagram. This metric will also help in finding your benchmark performance against the competitors. 

  1. Iconosquare 

One of the best Instagram analyzers is the metric called Iconosquare. This one helps you understand how your posting frequency relates to shows how many followers you earn and how many you lost.

This one also has a buffer like tool that helps you with understanding how your posts are performing through various social media accounts. 

  1. Sprout Social 

This Instagram analyzer is somewhat similar to the Iconosquare. This metric combines the analytics with the management tools and the content creation. It has a calendar to schedule the posts across different social media platforms. It helps with hashtag performance and also with geo tagging. 

  1. Keyhole 

One of the best Instagram metrics is keyhole that gives real time feedback to the customers. You can put a keyword, a hashtag, or an account to see what are the trends that are ongoing and have started to emerge.

Instagram Analyzer
Instagram Analyzer

It also gives the best results in the own internal trends. Through this you can also see the competitors Instagram account and what is working for them. 


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