How to create Facebook Business Page

How to create Facebook Business Page

How to create Facebook Business Page – Facebook, we all aware of what Facebook is and what all we can do on Facebook. Facebook is a social media app which is used by more than two billion monthly active users.

How to create Facebook Business Page – Other than satisfying the needs of being social, Facebook is also helping many businesses to take its advantage and increase their brand name.

Many of the businesses have Facebook business page which help them increase their sales and making a brand name. Hence, for an organisation it is important to know how to create Facebook Business Page.

How to create Facebook Business Page

 The fact of being on Facebook is beneficial for the business as well as the customers, as makes easier for people to discover and interact with the brand online.

There are few easy steps to make your own Facebook page, let’s get started with them:

How to create Facebook Business Page

Step1: Sign Up

Go to and click on Create a Page in the top right hand corner. There’ll be several business type options, select the type of business you are creating Facebook Page for. If your business falls into more than category then choose the one that you think your customers will like the most about your business. 

How to create Facebook Business Page
How to create Facebook Business Page

After selecting the business type, a box will open asking you a few further details like your business name, your name, address etc. When you are ready, click on to Get Started. Please not that by doing so you are agreeing on the terms and conditions of Facebook for business page, so before proceeding further please re-check all the details. 

Step 2: Add Pictures

Now, you’ll upload profile picture and cover picture for your page. As it is known “First impression is the last impression”, hence everyone want to make a good impression. Please make sure that while uploading the pictures align with your brand and are easily identifiable with your business.

Profile picture appears on the top left of your Facebook Page and he image accompanies the name of your business in search results and when you interact with the users. If you are a big brand then your logo would be fine. If you are a public figure or a celebrity, a picture of your face will work like a charm.

Your profile picture would be uploaded as a square on your Facebook Page but will be cropped in circle in ads and posts, so do not put any critical details in the corners. Finally, click to upload Profile Picture.

Now it’s the cover picture’s turn to get uploaded on your Facebook Page. Once you’ve selected the appropriate picture, click on to Upload a Cover Photo.

Step 3: Explore your new Facebook Page

Congratulations! Your Facebook Page is live now. Before moving further, quickly go through a few features of your wall, it only take a few seconds. Now, when you are done let’s move further.

Step 4: Adding a short description about your Facebook Page

Description is nothing but giving a quick over view about our business to your customers. Is should be just a couple of few sentences (max. 155 characters). Click on Add a short Description and write about your firm/ business, when you’re done click on to Save.

How to create Facebook Business Page
How to create Facebook Business Page

Step 5: Create your Username

Your username is called your vanity URL, this is how you’ll tell people where to find you on facebook. Your Username can be as long as 50 characters, but don’t use extra characters just because you can. It should be easy to type and remember.

Click on to Create Username for Your page to set the vanity URL. When you’re done, click to Create Username. A pop up will appear showing the link, which people can use to connect to your business on Facebook. Click Ok to continue filling in your Facebook for Business Page details.

Step 6: Complete your about section and create your first Post

When you’ve given your Facebook Page a Username then move to the about section of your page and complete it by clicking on the About on the left-hand menu of your Facebook Page. After writing all the details save the change and start creating your first post on your Facebook Page.

Ta-da! Your Facebook Page is ready to gain some popularity and increase your brand name. Now, what are you waiting for? Go get started with your Facebook Page.

How to create Facebook Business Page
How to create Facebook Business Page


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