How to Create Ads on Facebook

Ads on Facebook

Ads on Facebook – In this world of social media, it is quite simple to promote yourself, your product and your market on any social media platform and target a specific stream of peoples at quiet effective cost and efforts than other adding ways. while if we talks of social media, fb stood at top of all other platforms.

How to create Ads on Facebook :-

  1. Open your fb account and visit to advertising on facebook option.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner click Ads Manager menu and then All tools to expand the window.
  3. Under the Create & manage tab choose Page posts.
  4. If you manage multiple Pages, select the Page you want to create the dark post from.
  5. Click Create Ads.

Various tips to create best Ads on Facebook and find maximum output:

  1. Targeting

This  is very crucial part of fb ads. like, if you already have visitors on your site, you can run code on your website that tracks them and you can have a custom audience of “website visitors” and create ads that follow them on Facebook.

A more strategic approach is to learn what interests your target might have. One easy way to do this might be to create “lookalike” audiences on Facebook. Since you can create a custom audience of “people who have purchased something on my site” you are then able to create the same type of audience by creating what is called a “lookalike audience”.

Ads on Facebook
Ads on Facebook

Meaning Facebook will find people that have similar interests, works and preferences as the people who have already purchased for your site. For this purpose, you can use Facebook Audience Insights Tool which allows to learn more about specific audiences. For example, if you have a business page, you can learn more who are these people that are connected with your page, what interests them according to their Page Likes, what they usually purchase, etc.

2. Custom your Audiences  – If you are ready to implement Facebook Custom Audience then this could help you. This process has three stages:

  • Use your own LinkedIn profile and start connecting with people relevant to your industry and business goals.
  • When you have enough contacts, download these connections from LinkedIn.
  • Use them to create Facebook Custom Audience list and deliver super-targeted ads.

3. Dark Posts(trending)- Dark posts are targeted ads on Facebook that don’t appear on your timeline after posting, they also don’t show up in your followers’ feeds. You can use dark posts across ad sets without fear of likes, shares, and comments.

How to Create Ads on Facebook
How to Create Ads on Facebook

4. Keep your Mobile and Desktop ads Separate

These ways are just scratching the surface of a good campaign. It always takes measuring the results and targets depending on what the results show but this will get you off to a good start.


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