Google Adsense for Youtube Video

Google Adsense for Youtube Video

Google Adsense for Youtube Video – We all know that YouTube is the biggest platform out there for watching online videos of all kinds. It is also one of the biggest search engine platforms out there that is used to search for any query.

The best part of Youtube is also that it pays the video creators and hence we all have so many creators out there creating some fabulous content. The way to monetize the video content on YouTube is that the creators have to enable the Youtube Adsense. 

Youtube Adsense or Google Adsense for Youtube video is a very important unit of Google that is created to place ads in videos on different channels. The advertisers or the creators can publish their ads through Adsense on YouTube or different media.

The creators and the ad publishers can display images, texts, and videos on the different websites and they have to pay per click. The website owners receive money by connecting to the Adsense.

Google Adsense for Youtube Video

Google Adsense for Youtube
Google Adsense for Youtube Video

For enabling this, you have to just create an account in Google Adsense platform. The website is free and when the creators enable this, they will be able to earn money through YouTube.

There will be a code that you will get that you will copy and paste and you are good to go. The revenue generated by Google Adsense can be calculated by the pay per click basis or per impression basis. 

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Also, Google Adsense account is of two types. One is the business account and one is personal account. 

Here are some of the Adsense programs that can be used by the creators. 

Adsense for Search – displays ad results in the search results in the website 

Adsense for Content – Display ads on a website 

Adsense for Feeds – displays ads in the RSS feeds

Adsense for Mobile – displays ads in the mobile site 

Adsense for Domains – displays ads in the unused domains 

Adsense for TV – Monetize TV inventory

Adsense for video – monetise online video content

Adsense for apps – monetize android and iPhone apps

Adsense for games – monetize browser based games 

YouTube does not let you worry about any more thing once the Youtube Adsense is enabled. YouTube does the rest of the things for you. 

Google Adsense for Youtube
Google Adsense for Youtube Video


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