Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch – One of the newest things in Facebook is that it has entered the zone of online video streaming. Just like Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube, Facebook has also joined the league. It was launched in 2017 in USA via desktop, TV apps, and mobile.

The name that is given to this genre of Facebook of online episodic streaming videos is Facebook watchs. The videos during the launch time that can be seen at Facebookwatchs were mini documentaries to the live sporting events. 

Just like Youtube or Netflix earns through the watching hours of the viewers, Facebook watch is also going to earn the same way. The process by which Facebook watchs would earn money is through the ad breaks. Facebook watchs partners with various people and let them produce videos on the Facebook platform. Facebook gives the partners, 55% of the ad break revenue and Facebook keeps 45% for itself. 

Facebook watchs has made itself a little different from the other leading online video platforms. This has been done to make it stand out so that people come to Facebook watch to see the videos. Facebook watch is different because of these three ways:

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch

  1. The original video content can be viewed on a new tab called watch on the Facebook watchs platform. This tab is exclusive to Facebookwatchs and couldn’t be watched anywhere else. However, there are some exceptions to this as all content can’t be exclusive just for Facebook like live streaming of the games. 
  2. Facebook watch as we mentioned is all monetized through the ad breaks. So, it is entirely free for the live audience. You just need to have a Facebook account for this and log into the account to watch the videos using internet. 
  3. No other streaming video platform except for Facebookwatchs has been hyper personalized in a better and bigger way. 

Facebookwatchs is more of a social platform where people get exclusively personal content that they like and also they can share those videos which they like with their friends. The Discover tab of Facebook lets the viewers find better videos for themselves.

Also, an amazing feature of Facebook is that users can also go to the live comment section while watching the video and chat with their friends or anyone over there. 

Facebook Watch


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