Facebook Option


Facebook Option – Facebook just like Microsoft and Google, offers a first party solution to the browsers that block third party cookies. Facebook basically releases the first party cookie option for ads and pulls web analytics from web safari.

It is the latest big digital ad seller that releases a solution to address moves by browsers to kill the third party cookies.

The company has provided the third party cookies for the advertisers, developers, and publishers. This is basically done to optimize and measure the Facebook ads and also capture the analytics data from the browsers that block the third party cookies. It is named as Apple’s safari. 

Through this, the advertisers will be able to choose to set first and third party cookies for the Facebook pixel. The first party setting of Facebook is located in the Settings tab at the Pixel level in the Events manager.

You can find this under the Measure and Reports section of Ads Manager. There is a setting at the pixel level to choose whether to use the first party cookies with Facebook. 

Facebook Option

Facebook Option
Facebook Option

With the advent and introduction of this feature the businesses will be able to sign into the Events Manager to edit their Facebook Pixel cookie settings under the detail button of the pixel. 

In more of a simpler words, the Facebook pixel is a code that you place on your website. It is helpful to collect the data that would help you to track conversions from Facebook ads, build targeted audience for the future ads, optimize ads, and re-market to the people who have already taken some kind of action on the website. Facebook Pixel is analytics that fires to track the site visitors. 

Each Facebook account is given with one pixel code initially. One can install this pixel on multiple websites and then one can track the sites separately.

Facebook Option
Facebook Option

If people wish to see who are the people who have visited your website then you can get the code installed as soon as possible. The only way to share the pixels though the Business manager. Facebook option works in the above mentioned way. 


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