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Facebook Frame

Facebook Frame – Facebook frame studio tool is a new marketing channel to create some fabulous photos. It is a tool that allows people to make frames that can be imposed on the top of the pictures that are taken with the Facebook camera and also on the profile pictures. It is a very interesting new marketing channel but it is not completely fruitful. It has some limitations as well.

Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have filters and the concept of it is really liked by the active users of these platforms. But, Facebook bought something new and that are the frames. The filters that are there on Instagram and Twitter are all about adding effects of warm tones, increasing exposure, or adding some presets like Hudson. They change the effect and the light setting of the same picture without adding any extra element. 

Instagram has some more additions to it now like the location sticker, GIFs, music etc that could be added to the stories on the app. Snap chat has more visual elements that can be added on the face or anything while creating or clicking a picture.

Facebook Frame

Facebook Frame

Facebook frame is more or less similar to the Snap chat filters but the concept is simpler. You click a picture through the Facebook app and post that you get some frames to add around your pictures. This has a wider reach. This one is a significant tool for marketers. 

One can create some artwork through the Facebook frame tool but there are some limitations for the same that are described here. You cannot promote these things 

  1. For Promote gambling
  2. Promote drugs, tobacco, or any kind of weapons and illegal activities
  3. Promote adult products like anything including nudity 
  4. Promote any kind of content that is serious, shocking, harassing, or misleading people
  5. Invading the privacy of others by infringement of privacy
  6. Using low resolution elements
  7. Having commercial type of content
  8. Exploit the social and political issues for the commercial purposes
  9. Using any kind go watermarks or logos for most groups without giving the correct permission 
  10. Using any kind of non existing functionality like the play buttons 


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