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Business Facebook

Business Facebook – Facebook is a place to take your brand to the next level and target as many audiences as possible of your interest without spending huge chunk of money. Facebook is a different kind of country itself with people from all over the world and it is pretty huge. To have a business on Facebook and effectively running it means bringing new leads for your business every single day, gaining more followers and making your brand popular, and having a brand equity. 

To start the business on Facebook, you don’t need to do some rocket science but definitely you have to keep up with the FB ever changing algorithms, ever changing behavior of the millennial and people on Facebook, and also different changes in the business tactics brought by Facebook.

Business Facebook
Business Facebook

Business Facebook

To start the business on Facebook, you have to start with building a Business Facebook page. Here is how you can do that. 

  1. Go to ‘create a page’ tab on FB app or website and click that. Choose if your business is a local one, or a brand, or a company. This you can choose by the audience that you want to cater to geographically. 
  2. Choose the templates and the tabs for your business facebook page by going to the ‘Edit page’ category. 
  3. Choose your ‘preferred page audience’ by going to that category in the same line where you found the edit page category. 
  4. Choose the cover and the profile pictures. Choose the best pictures that you have because that is how you can attract the audience by the first look. 
  5. Create a user name for the facebook page. This will be the name by which the users can search your business facebook page on the platform. Keep something easy and short. 
  6. Create as many CTA or click to action button to make it easier for your audience like include shop now button, message now button, etc.
  7. Make sure to add all the relevant information of your business in the about section to let the users know about you completely.
  8. Start promoting your business first organically by inviting friends to like and also by paid business facebook advertising techniques and through facebook ads. 


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