Analytics on Instagram

Analytics on Instagram

Analytics on Instagram – Instagram is a fun site. No more! It is a business site as well where millions of people are running their business in a fun and more engaging way.

It is one of the best platforms where engaging with the brands and users is the easiest. But, handling and running a business on Instagram isn’t a walk in the park because Instagram algorithms keep changing and the business have to take care of the analytics on Instagram to work on it. 

Analytics on Instagram
Analytics on Instagram

Some of the best Instagram analytics tools are these:

#1 Simply Measured

This one is actually simple and shows how your brand can spread on Instagram. This helps in bench marking your performance against the competition. It monitors the entire growth of your business. You can check through this what works best with the reverse engineering technique and also see which potential influences would follow you. 

#2 Iconosquare

This tool helps you understand how your posting frequency relates to and drives either the new followers or the ones that are lost. This one also has a Buffer like tool that manages how your post is travelling across various accounts at one time.

Analytics on Instagram
Analytics on Instagram

A lot of accounts can be used at one time on the dashboard with this analytics on Instagram tool. 

#3 Owlmetrics

This tool is a complete package that tracks engagement, follower growth, competitors account, click through rates, and even the hashtag activity.

This is one of the greatest tools that works best for analytics on Instagram as it helps with you with the best time to post, most engaging photo or video filters, post that has got the most engagement, sources of engagement, shows you the best hashtag, and a lot more. 

#4 Keyhole

Keyhole gives the customers some of the real time feedback. You can put a hashtag in this and search what is working for you. It also shows what activities have brought you the most followers. Tracking the competitor’s growth is also easy with this. 

#5 Social Rank

This works for Instagram and Twitter both. It identifies the follower pattern so that you can create better content updates to the audience. This one also helps you know how to see what emojis are working on your market sector. 


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