What is Ads Manager on Facebook

Ads Manager on Facebook

Ads Manager on Facebook – when you created ads then they has to be managed, if you are using more ads then they has to be managed, which is done by fb ads manager.

Steps to create fb ads :

  1. Open your fb account and visit to advertising on facebook option.
  2. In the upper left-hand corner click Ads Manager menu and then All tools to expand the window.
  3. Under the Create & manage tab choose Page posts.
  4. If you manage multiple Pages, select the Page you want to create the dark post from.
  5. Click Create Post.

Ads Manager on Facebook

Ads Manager is a dashboard within Business Manager where you can view, edit, and access performance reports for all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

Ads Manager on Facebook

From Ads Manager, you can view all of your Facebook ad campaigns and payment history, make changes to your bids and budgets, export ad performance reports from the Reports tab, and pause or restart your ads at any time.

If you’re attempting to access Ads Manager from the Business Manager homepage, follow the steps below.

Ads Manager on Facebook

You can access Ads Manager through your business manager account at facebook.com/ads/manager.

Steps to create fb ads:

Step 1: Click “Ads Manager”

To go to Ads Manager, click the “Business Manager” tab located on the upper right hand corner. Then click “Ads Manager“.

Step 2: Choose an ad account to view

Although you are now on Ads Manager, you need to choose a specific ad account to view your ads. To choose from your ad accounts, click the tab on the upper right side labeled “Account” then choose an account from the drop down menu.

Ads Manager on Facebook
Ads Manager on Facebook

Step 3: You’re Done!

After choosing an account, you should be able to view your ads within the account.

This is how you can create ads and manage them with the help of Facebook ads manager.


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