YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO – YouTube currently has over one billion users, making it one of the biggest online platforms. In fact, YouTube estimates that its users watch over a billion hours of video each day Comments, Comment Voting, Video Responses, Ratings, Embedding:

YouTube SEO

  • All these options are useful from a UGC (user generated content) perspective. If there’s little fear of backlash, then allow these and avoid seeming overly restrictive in the channel.
  • Comments: It’s best to allow commenting, but you can moderate them by selecting “Allow all comments with approval only. ”Many recent comments indicates to YouTube that the video is relevant, fresh, and popular among viewers, which is a significant ranking factor within YouTube.
  • Comment Voting: If comments are enabled, then comment voting is a great idea. Other people are only addressing someone’s comment, not the video directly.
  • Video Responses: More liberal channels may allow any video response to generate a sense of community, although we personally recommend “Yes, allow responses after I approve them. ”A video response sends a stronger message than a single comment.  Plus, it may make that video response too popular, which is bad if it is negative.
  • Ratings: Recommended to be enabled since any ratings are better than none when it comes to ranking within YouTube’s system.
  • Embedding:  If you are comfortable with other sites reposting the video, then this is a good option for some potential backlinks.

YouTube search engine has kept changing over time. Up till 2012: view counts were taken into consideration.

YouTube SEO
YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

This tactic was proven out to be wrong and unsuccessful for both viewers and sponsors as well, this system wouldn’t let the most relevant video pop up into the account of viewer which were pleasing to them. This was in the time when the YouTube had a count of 4 billion a month and not 1 billion a day which is common in today’s world as claimed by YouTube.

FROM 2012-2016: view duration and session time

After failure of the previous system YouTube now tried its another tactic which was based on the average time spent by a viewer on the video, and YouTube focused on rewarding video with better content which helped it to grow.

2016-2019: Machine learning

YouTube started using machine learning in order to improve its platform now there was better and relevant search engine.

As of now It uses its own internal ranking system combing through titles, tags, descriptions, and sections to compile a list of videos it thinks is relevant to your search.

YouTube SEO
YouTube SEO

It then shuffles the list based on the video’s rankings including its views, engagements, watch time, and retention percentage. This has helped YouTube over the recent years to improve and gather enough audience to become one of the best platform.


We can understand YouTube’s SEO for helping us reach a better watch count on our videos.

First thing we can do is optimize our YouTube tagline, titles, description as these things help in finding a viewer its desired content.

Now as you are on the list of people who searched a proper content to watch, you need to make your video appealing attractive by using compelling thumbnails

The last and the most important thing to do is to be original and expressive, your video should have the content you promised in your description.


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