What is Canonical URL

Canonical URL

Canonical URL – We know how the duplicate content on your website can lead to banned by google. We normally go through the guidelines of google that if anyone has copied the content from any other website and paste on it, it is totally illegal. But people normally do that for their sake.

We normally write content for our website and sometimes that content we require on different pages of our website. Now the duplicity on our website is that we all know but to save it from the search engine point of view we have to use the canonical tag.

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What is Canonical URL

The main work of the canonical tag is to tell all the search engines about the specified URL represents the master copy of the page. By using it we are telling the search engines that the content we are working is same having on multiple URLs. 

The main function of the canonical tag is that which pages are read by the search engines to display the great results for the users who are searching the related topic on it.

Syntax of the Canonical URL is:

<link rel = “canonical” href:seowithgoogle.com/…………. />

This will provide the search engines that they are our pages or subdomains.

How Canonical becomes important for all website owners?

How it plays an important role for all of us. If there is Duplicacy on our website without canonical tag then it can affect our website in many ways like SEO problems. & many more.

What is Canonical URL
What is Canonical URL

When search engines are crawling the website and getting showing too much duplicate content then they may miss the unique content you have and also rank some other websites above you.

If the content is ranking then, in that case, search engine will take the different URL and not that which according to the user point of view, If it ranks the search engine will show the wrong URL not the original one, so we have to take care of it also.

We can use the canonicalization tag that helps you to control your duplicate content always.

Being a human we normally go through some website like:





These all are the same for humans, but for the search engines, they are all different for it. We see there are 4 copies of the homepage of any website.

What is Canonical URL
What is Canonical URL

The latest content management systems are dynamic, code-driven websites escalate the problem more. Different sites use to add tags, allow multiple paths (and URLs) to the same content, and add URL parameters for searches, sorts, currency options, etc.

Hope in this article “What is Canonical URL” every thing is clear if you have any question then contact us right now.


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