What is a Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate – To begin with about what is a bounce rate, let us tell you that it is a negative number that surely affects you if its rate is higher. High bounce rate is bad for your website and vice versa.

You can easily view your bounce rates whenever you login to your Google Analytics account in the overview report in your Google Analytics dashboard. But, the thing is that the number that shows up there can be wrong and misleading. No one knows how high is actually very high.

You need to know the best ways to audit your website bounce rates and we will give you some of the best tips for that right now right here. 

What is a Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate
What is a Bounce Rate

But, before that what is a bounce rate in simple words? For example, a person visits your website and leaves your website without interacting further. for example, if he does not visit another page, does not click on a product or a blog, does not look for something, and simply leaves then he has bounced from your website.

This is called as the bounce rate. Even if the bounce rates are misleading then also you must care about it because they are the 4th most important factor in rankings in the search engine result pages.

Also, bounce rates for different types of websites is not the same, it is different for the different kinds of websites. 

What is a Bounce Rate
What is a Bounce Rate

You can actually modify your bounce rates by actually segmenting it in various ways. 

  1. Segment by age
  2. Segment by gender 
  3. Segment by affinity
  4. Segment by location 
  5. Segment for the new visitors
  6. Segment by browser
  7. Segment by device
  8. Segment by acquisition
  9. Segment by landing page

Some more ways to reduce the bounce rates:

  1. Review top exit pages
  2. Review in page analytics
  3. View the page timings
  4. Check the Google Analytics Site speed reports
  5. Utilize the method of A/B Testing 
  6. Make your pages readable for the viewers
  7. Include more of the clear CTAs and take care of their placements
  8. Use videos and brighter images to engage your audience better 
  9. Offer live chat support to them 


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