SEO Audit Tool

SEO Audit Tool

SEO Audit Tool – SEO audit tool is a detailed SEO tool that would perform the detailed SEO analysis across the 100 website data points. These tools would help to find out clear and actionable recommendations for steps to be taken to improve the online presence to rank better in the search engines.

The most technical things that would be related with SEO can be done on the SEO audit tool. The SEO audit is the process of understanding how well the presence of your website relates to the best practises out there. This is definitely the first step to create an implementation plan that would give the best measurable results. 

In simple words, an SEO audit is just an auditing of the SEO on the website. The main purpose of audit is to identify as many foundational issues affecting organic search performance as possible. There are a lot of SEO audit tools out there like the Ahrefs, Google search console, Screaming frog and SEM rush, Majestic, Deep crawl, Site bulb, Moz, etc. 

SEO Audit Tool

SEO Audit Tool
SEO Audit Tool

For doing the basic SEO audit it would take around  4 to 5 hours and the price could range anywhere from between $600 to $2000. For even a better detailed audit, the price range could go from $2000 to even $3000. 

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Follow these steps for an SEO audit of your website. 

  • Check that only ONE version of your site is browseable
  • Start a website crawl
  • Check Google for the indexation issues 
  • Check that you rank for your brand name 
  • Manually perform some BASIC on-page SEO checks 
  • Dig deeper into more on-page issues in the crawl report
  • Refine out the thin and duplicate content
  • Make sure that your site loads faster
  • Find out the structured data errors
  • Understand the organic search traffic  
  • Check that rankings are heading in the RIGHT direction 
  • Find pages ranking in positions 5–10 for high-volume keywords
  • Analyse your backlink profile 
  • Find out and fix all the broken links on your website 
  • Find out the content gaps
  • Conduct a full content audit
SEO Audit Tool
SEO Audit Tool


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