Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – is an unpaid form of digital marketing used to increase the ranking of your web page on a search engine on the basis of quality score and SEO keywords.

SEO keywords play a crucial role when we discuss the quality score of the content. SEO keywords density is majorly responsible for the listing and ranking of a website on google.

To make SEO expert in its field of the organic search there are few latest SEO updates by Google algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization

Hummingbird is the name of a new search engine introduced by google which means “ precise and fast”. Hummingbird is an Search Engine Optimization update which identifies the exact meaning behind the keywords which are put across various search engines. In this manner, it will narrow the suggestions corresponding to the keyword.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Search Engine Optimization

Initially, Google used to show all the possible result corresponding to the keyword search.It sometimes leads to giving unnecessary suggestion apart from the one which a user is expecting.

Hence to increase the efficiency of SEO keywords search Hummingbird is introduced.

Google Panda Update

Google Panda is introduced to improve the quality of content by using SEO keywords in a more appropriate manner. It is a search filter which will prevent pages with lower content quality to rank on a search engine.

If you have improved the quality of your content/meeting the quality standards set by Google, only then your web page will be ranked by Google on search engines.

Google Penguin Update

To improve Search Engine Optimization and to prevent manipulation with the content of the website Google has introduced Penguin update in their algorithm to make SEO expert of blogs in term of back links. Initially, Webmaster used to manipulate the content of their websites by using false links to improve the ranking of their website.

Hence to prevent the spamming of content, Google has introduced Google Penguin which prevents artificially ranking of various web pages. Penguin will identify the websites using links which their content and will penalized them. Also, these websites will not be ranked in the search engine.

Google Pigeon Update

Google Pigeon is introduced to connect the local algorithm to web algorithm of Google in order to improve the ranking of local businesses.

It shows the web results nearest to you by using the current location. Basically, it will narrow down all the result similar to search keywords which are located at the nearest distance to you.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Search Engine Optimization

Google Pirate Update

Google pirate update is introduced to make SEO Optimization in more accurately. Google Pirate update deal with the websites having copyright Infringement issues. It will identify such websites and prevent them from ranking and listing on Google.


There are recent Search Engine Optimization updates by Google which has been updated in their algorithm. With all these SEO Updates, Google is constantly trying to prevent websites which are using the manipulative method to increase their rank on the search engine.

Google is updating their algorithms to prevent all these falsification techniques used by SEO Blog Websites to increase the landing on their main page.

These are few of the SEO updates done by Google apart from mobile friendly and Pay date Update in Google Algorithm.


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