Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Techniques – Who wouldn’t want to double their search traffic, right? But, is that easy? Specially in this competitive era! The EO experts say that you have to understand your SEO better than before and get better at it everyday so that traffic on your website increases.

80% of the website traffic comes from the search queries and even Hubspot have come up with this tactics. To be at the top of the SEO means to do enough research and experiments.

Google constantly works on its algorithms and updates it regularly. What you know today would have been updated by the next month. So, what are you going to do in that case? You have to get yourself updated too with the Google’s ever-changing algorithm. 

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Let me also tell you that if you practice constantly then you yourself can become a SEO expert. All you need to do is be regular and practice it.

On a daily basis, Google gets about 3.5 billion searches and people look to Google before actually visiting any website or buying any product. You have to work hard so that your website ranks on the first page of Google and then your visibility can increase.

It is seen in the surveys that 75% of the people don’t even visit the second page while searching for a query. If your page gets more visibility, it gets more traffic, more conversions, and it directly leads to the increased revenue. The first three links in the first page gets the 60% of all the traffic from the web searches. 

To get all the above things done, we talk about some of the search engine optimization techniques that would help you to increase your search traffic. 

  1. Complete an SEO Audit on your website
  2. Learn what your users want
  3. Create SEO optimized landing pages
  4. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly
  5. Grow your traffic with info graphics
  6. Optimize your content for RankBrain
  7. Write at least 1,890 word
  8. Write a roundup post
  9. Post valuable content on social media
  10. Use advanced SEO internal deep linking
  11. Send link juice to lower ranked pages
  12. Link to external sites with high Domain Authority
Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Search Engine Optimization Techniques


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