Rank for website

Rank for website

Rank for website – One thing that is fit in our minds when it comes to site ranking is that if the site is old and has been in the business for quite some time, then it would rank better because when they were new there wasn’t enough competition.

This made it easier for them to rank. And the new websites would always face some issues in the current situation to rank better and beat the competition.

Well, this is mostly true because the rank for a website that has been in use for a longer time will obviously be good and people would trust it more. But, the new websites would have to struggle to build a position against the trustworthy sites out there.

A website that has been accumulating links for years will not make it easy for you to compete against them until you have a great PR strategy, great brand strategy, and something remarkable that people would want to talk about. 

Rank for website

Rank for website
Rank for website

One easy way to sort this problem is to buy an old site that is not well maintained and build that up. But, if you want to build a new site, you will have to attack the existing sites indirectly and not directly at all for sure.

There surely will be keywords that are  same that your competition is also targeting. But, the more obscure long tail keywords are going to be easier to tank for. 

Some of the strategies that will help you to rank for website better are:

  1. Use many keyword modifiers as possible
  2. Use and target those keywords that are less popular versions of that keyword
  3. Mix up your own page optimization 
  4. Always go deeper than the competition is going 
  5. Buy traffic because that is good 
  6. Try to maintain a gap with the commercial keywords

Using the keywords using these strategies would help your website to rank better even if you own a new website and are working for its better rank. These strategies mentioned above can help you in depth if they are incorporated carefully with the best strategies and plans. 

Rank for website
Rank for website


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