Off page SEO Techniques

Off page SEO Techniques

Off page SEO techniques – With the change with the algorithmic updates of Google, focusing more on the off page SEO techniques and strategies have become important. The focus has been moved to the search visibility.

There are different techniques related to off page SEO optimization to improve the page rank in the search engine result pages or SERPs. Off page SEO is something that takes outside the page and everyone should focus on building good quality links but only with the good authority sites.

This directly helps in the better SERP ranking. Some of the best off page SEO techniques are as follows:

Off page SEO Techniques

Off page SEO Techniques
Off page SEO Techniques
  • SEO and Social media conjunction

Google search bots do not crawl the social media and the web pages in the same way. But the social media that have more shares are more popular and more people would get a chance to enjoy the posts created on social media through these shares.

A lot of people run campaigns across multiple social media channels and they can be really helpful. Some of the tools for this are Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social etc. 

  1. Mobile off site SEO 

Mobile sites are sluggish and it has not been a top priority. But, Google has recently started the AMP project which shifted to the mobile site speed. These days, even a 1 minute delay in loading of the videos mean 7% decrease in the conversion rates.

The AMP or the accelerated mobile pages project started by Google improves in loading the video rate by 15% to 85%. The influencing factors are optimization for mobile, quality content, voice search, micro formats, artificial intelligence.

  1. Mobile App streaming 

The mobile apps and the mobile friendly sites are two of the very valuable tools of the current time. They are known to serve different purposes and are not mutually exclusive. The mobile sites are able to bring in fresh prospects.

Mobile apps are about retention and rewarding patrons with a steady stream of content to maintain loyalty. In fact, 70% of the entire search traffic comes from the mobile search itself. The Google app streaming service is able to show relevant content from the apps without downloading anything. 

Off page SEO Techniques
Off page SEO Techniques


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