MOz SEO – First things first, let us tell you what Mos is. If you are into digital marketing and SEO then you already know about MOz. MOz SEO is a software as a service or a SAAS company. This company is based in Seattle.

This is a software related company that sells marketing analytics and inbound marketing software subscriptions. Gillian Muessig and Rand Fishkin were the ones who founded this company. It was founded in 2004. It was founded as the consulting firm and then in 2008, it was shifted to SEO software development.

So, this description shows that the company is totally based on digital marketing and SEO. MOz hosts a website that has an online community of more than 1 million digital marketers. It also has a collection of different marketing related tools on the website for helping the digital marketers out there.

Moz SEO 

Moz SEO 

The SEO tools that MOz has to offer are keyword research, link building, site audits, and page optimization insights. These tools are there to help the companies to understand better and work better in the search engines. To improve the ranking of the website on the search engines, these tools come handy. 

Tools that MOz has to offer 

There is a SEO toolbox in the website that has a collection of various SEO tools for the digital marketers. 

  1. MOz keyword explorer – It is a keyword research tool that helps in finding the keywords by getting lots of keyword suggestions. This tool also helps with the SEO competition, SERP features, saved lists, opportunity, and accurate search volume data. 
  • Open Site Explorer – To provide the link data such as spam analysis, this free SEO tool comes handy. 
  • MOz Pro – It provides SEO site crawl check ups, helps in rank and competitor tracking, prioritises SEO fixes, helps in SERP feature tracking, and more. 
  • MOz rank – It is one of the best alternatives for Google page rank. It also has a research tool for the popular research trends. 
  • Followerwonk – To focus more on the SEAside. 
  • MOz bar – This one is an SEO browser tool.
  • Link Explorer- So, basically the open site explorer has been replaced by the Link explorer for the beta version in 2018. 

MOz SEO – One of the best free tools launched by MOz is Domain Analysis. The work of this website is to provide the overview of the SEO metrics for any domain.

Obviously, the tool does not give as much information and in depth information as in the paid versions but it is extremely useful for the digital marketers out there. You will be able to look at the high level range of the SEO metrics of your website.



Not only your own website, it can be done for any website, be it your competitors website, or anyone’s that you wish to check. To identify all the potential SEO opportunities in any website, this software comes handy.

All the beyond the basic data that comes to your mind like “Top Featured Snippets” or the “Top questions mined from People Also Ask boxes for relevant keywords” can be got from this website. 

MOz SEO – The free version of this tool has a lot of experimental things that aren’t there in the paid versions and this one is done to check them in the free trials.

Keywords by Estimate Clicks uses ranking position, search volume, and estimated click-through rate (CTR) to estimate the number of search clicks a keyword drives to the website are some of the experimental things added in the free trial version of the tool.

Experimental metrics, which are currently exclusive to Domain Analysis, include keywords estimated by clicks, top featured snippets, branded keywords, top search competitors and top questions.


For the free users or for the free version, this tool is limited to giving three reports per day. You don’t even need to create an account for this. And in the paid version, you will have to create an account and there is no limit on the number of reports. 

MOz SEO – Among the metrics offered by MOz, the domain authority and the spam score are the top ones. Along with this, top pages by links, top linking domains, number of ranking keywords, top overall keywords, keyword ranking distribution and more are offered too. 


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