Most Efficient Keyword Research Tools for 2019 You Have to Try

Keyword Research

Keyword Research – Most of the companies today are paying a lot of money to pay an SEO consultant to research on the keyword so that they can get a direct matter. Stop doing that and go through this article and you’ll get it right.

It is difficult to choose the exact keywords. You’ll require more data so as to identify if a specific keyword would be effective for you.

Keyword Research

Today we have the most efficient keyword research tools and as an SEO expert, you’ll easily identify the type of keywords that’d be more effective on your entire web master plan. Below is a list of keyword tools that would work for you in 2019:


2.Google Keyword Planner

3.Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

1. SEMRush

This is an SEO tool that’ll allow you to conduct keyword research, trail keyword ladder and moreover, conduct an entire examination on your blog. Briefly, it would make your keyword research easier. As a blogger, you work so hard in writing posts and you’d hope that you’ll raise the volume of your traffic entering your blog.

When you’ll start using the SEMRuSH SEO tool, you’d discover keywords that are steering traffic on your challengers’ website. You can now write an awesome matter considering those keywords. What are the SEMRush features?

(a) Keyword Magic Tool

You can use the SEMRush Keyword Magic Tool to normally research on your keywords. You’d automatically get metrics such as keyword controversy, explore volume and SERP features. As an SEO expert, you can try the Keyword Magic tool feature and you’d identify the keywords that you may otherwise have failed to hit.

(b) Site Audit

The Site Audit SEMRush feature is so popular and if you’re an SEO consultant, you can execute and generate a clear report for your consumers. If you want to improve your applied SEC website, just conduct one site audit and you’d likely discover an abundance of SEO changes that you can make on your site This will better the rank remarkably.

(c) Position tracking mobile app

The SEMRush has also a mobile app and you’ll be able to see your keyword location at the solace of your mobile app. Today you can only get this app for Android. However, you don’t have to worry if you have the 05 version, because the app is emerging soon.

(d) The pricing

SEMRush has many plans for you to choose from. You can select the one you would like to start with all you’re a starter, you can get the Pro plan which will cost you $99.95 all you have a growing website, you’d require the Guru plan which would cost you $199.95 all you have an E-commerce project, you can consider the Business plan and would cost you $399.95.

All your business now has fully grown you’ll need the Enterprise plan which would cost you even more. Use the SEMRush as an SEO tool kit so as to find your challengers’ keywords.

2. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner is one of the most popular keyword research tools we have in the market. Why would you most recommend the Google Keyword Planner? You would mostly prefer it because it’s absolutely free of charge and it’s rightly combined with Google Ad words. For you access the Google Keyword Planner you’ll have to open an Ad words account which you can generate one free of charge.

What you need to know about the Google Keyword Planner

(a) Features

The largest feature that the Google Keyword Planner has is, you’ll get more deep-rooted information which Google would provide.

(b) Pricing

You can access the Google Keyword Planner absolutely free of charge. How does Google Keyword Planner work?

(c) Find current keywords

First, search the phrases or the words associated with your services or products. The Google Keyword Planner would help you to discover the keywords that you can mostly apply to your business. You can select those keywords and put them on your plan.

(d) Compare keyword modes

As an SEO expert, you’ll frequently see how you can search the keywords and after some time, you’d see how the search capacity wavers. It’d help you to come up with a keyword list and you’ll be able to budget for the keywords that you’d require.

(e) Generate and share your plan

If you adore a specific plan, you can always share with other people. You can generate ad groups and place bids for every keyword before you start your campaigns.

The Google Keyword Planner is a basic incredible tool if you’re at the initial stages of your SEO website.

3. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool

Ahrefs is one of the most popular tools in the market. The most remarkable thing about the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool is you’d get substantial detail such as the keyword strain.

Ahrefs normally uses the Clickstream data and you’d see the number of clicks you’ll receive from the search engine This would be very essential because a lot of keywords have great traffic but they barely receive any clicks from the search engine This is because you’ll directly receive results from a Google search. A good example of such a question is the date of birth of a celebrity.

(a) Pricing

You can try the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer tool for a week and would cost you $ 700.

The Ahrefs comprises of three robust tools which include: organic traffic research The Organic traffic research would enable you to see the keywords your challengers’ grade for in hunt. You’d also see the amount of traffic they cultivate from every keyword.

Research Backlinks

Do you need to analyse the backlink profile of a specific website? In the Site Explorer, put the URL and steer to the Backlink profile zone. Ahrefs has rapid backlink crawler on the SEO space It credits the World’s largest index of active backlinks. As an SEC expert, you can use the Ahrefs which has the Site Explorer which is the ideal tool for backlink research.

(b) Research paid keywords

If you want to know if your challengers are purchasing the PPC ads and the specific keywords they’re putting forward, steer to the ” Paid Search” zone of the news to get all the important information.


The bottom line is that you should adhere to one or two keyword research tools and eventually you’ll be accustomed to its system. Whichever SEO tool you select, ensure that you use these tools to boost your SEO.

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