How to do Search Engine Optimization

How to do Search Engine Optimization

How to do Search Engine Optimization – When any website puts its content on any website then the content has to be very well managed as per the google trade and ranking system so that the website stands up in the top 10 content providers in the list of any search engine.

Among the search engines like bing, yahoo, google etc. To rank the website among the top website for content it has to be optimized. Hence SEO comes into play .

SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is simply a process of improving the visibility of a website or a webpage in a search engine result (SERP) natural or organic search results (there is like two types of ranking like paid and organic, you can pay to rank up your add for which google will charge you pay per click amount).

How to do Search Engine Optimization

It is all about optimizing a website for search engine and to lift it up at top. It is very hot topic in the www (world wide web), after all everyone wants to be on the top or better marketing etc. In terms of digital marketing and the web promotion, the SEO is the most competitive terms nowadays.

How to do Search Engine Optimisation – There are various ways to establish SEO in your website or any content material on internet and make it among the top rated searches by google or any other search engines:

#1  Use keywords with appropriate keyword density to improve SEO

The use of keywords plays a crucial role in SEO. The keywords allow the crowd to understand what kind of website is yours and  your website is what about and to whom your services are directed to.

A good place to add a keyword is found on the label. The search engines show the labels as the title of your web page, you can also use the keywords in the url of the website and in the header labels, this will help you get a good ranking of the page.

How to do Search Engine Optimization

How to do Search Engine Optimization
How to do Search Engine Optimization

On the other hand, the excessive amount of keywords is considered spam and can cause a negative impact on the ranking of your website. Make sure you maintain a 3-7% keyword density in the general content of the website.

How to do Search Engine Optimization

#2. Quality content

Everything tips and techniques will be of no use if your quality content is so poor. You cannot perform seo if your website does not have  good quality content. It is very important to keep the page updated daily with new content that is attractive  and is up-to-date to your community, since search engine crowd value more set type of content.

To help you with this work, a good option is to hire freelance editors, they can keep your page updated with the latest content of interest to your community, thus getting your website to grow, and will helps to experiencing the heavy traffic in your website by ranking it higher.

Social shares AND comments. Measure its quality by how many people visit your site more than one time and how much time do they spend here.

#3. Customize the extreme use of flash and js messages

The excessive use of embedded java script or flash photographs, makes it difficult for search engine to works and browsers to understand and classify your website among what is its type, which can lead to a decrease in streaming of various surfers.

Flash is one among the most attractive and addictive web design response, it has a lot of advantages and  but flash images are not SEO friendly. Search engine crowd can not read text in the flash framework, they can only read plain html text and just read it like a image.

How to do Search Engine Optimization

How to do Search Engine Optimization
How to do Search Engine Optimization

Whenever you use images on your web pages, describe them appropriately on the label so that search engine crowd  can read the description and know what the images are meant for. Similarly, while using videos and other things, be sure to use the appropriate script so that they can read it.

How to do Search Engine Optimization – Put the content which is mobile friendly i.e. Which will take care of all the amp versions and can run in all, does not consist of large image icons as the search engine crowd won’t able to clarify it, make web page with responsive and adaptive front end.

#4. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the latest trend, it provides an opportunity to spread your voice to your community. Use various social media channels such as facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin and flickr, so you will reach your target audience more easily. 4 out of 5 people in the world use several social media channels in their daily routine and the number is increasing.

#5. Meta tags are important

Meta-tags alone can not make substantial changes to the ranking of your website, but when merged with another marketing phenomenon can improve the visibility of your website. Search engines such as yahoo and bing still have meta-tags. You can use them to briefly describe your website.

How to do Search Engine Optimization – This brief note will be displayed when the link to the website is indexed in the search results. If you can build your own website on wordpress the you should make it because google love individual wordpress.

#6. Increase quality in the links

It is more important to have few links in your webpage  and are of quality use  than having thousands of irrelevant and unnecessary links. The reputation of the home page of the link is also playing an important role in the good progression of the webpage.

#7. Write for humans first while for search engines second.

Don’t prioritize the search engines over the actual humans who will b reading your work the search engine will just. Instead of writing content for the search engine write for people, make it more informative and qualitative.

How to do Search Engine Optimization – Search spiders are just scripts — they don’t buy products, they don’t engage with you on social media, and they won’t become a loyal customer – How to do Search Engine Optimization.


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