What is SEO and how it works

How SEO Works

What is Seo And How SEO Works – Search engine optimization (SEO) is a platform of organic search, where you can increase the rank of your website on search engine research platforms (SERPs) through unpaid marketing.

SEO is one of the widely used tools of digital marketing. It is divided into two categories: On page SEO and off page SEO.

What is On page SEO and what is On page Optimization?

On page SEO deals directly with the content of your website. It works in accordance with day to day updates of your website.

  • Meta tags
  • Image Quality & its resolution
  • Naming convention
  • Fast loading time
  • Mobile friendly content
  • Visibility of content through various modes like laptops, mobile phone, tablets etc
  • Hyperlink quality

These are the various factors responsible for on page SEO optimization. By using these factors one can improve the quality of the content and can easily increase the traffic on the website.

How SEO Works

On page SEO the ranking is based on the quality of your website and content which is constantly gets updated on the website.

With every passing second Google is constantly updating the algorithms related to SEO. These updated algorithms run throughout your website on a daily basis.

So, you are required to update your website for on-page SEO optimization. If any issues related to your website is identified by these updated algorithms then it will impact on page SEO.

how seo works
how seo works

How SEO Works

And it could also lead to spamming of your website/google will stop rating your website on search engines.

Therefore, it is crucial for you to keep track of your on-page SEO activities of websites to prevent any negative updates.

What if Off-page SEO and what are various off page SEO activities?

Off page SEO is a method of indirectly increasing the traffic and ranking of your website.When we discuss the SEO, both On page SEO and Off Page SEO contributes equally when google search engine is run through your website.

Various methods can be used to increase the landing on the main page of the website and traffic.

Link Building– More you have backlinks related to your content better will be your ranking. It is like gaining the trust of the authoritative websites and through them, you are increasing the traffic on your website.

There are different ways by which one can increase the number of people visiting the main through manually built links or self – created links.

How SEO Works – To increase the off page SEO activities one uses the backlinks in the comments, signature and blogs which they are visiting. Hence indirectly by visiting other web pages, you are increasing the traffic on your landing page. This process of increasing traffic is self – created links.

Guest posting– when you asked other blogger/web developer to include links related to content available on your website. In the guest posting, one can also post their blogs on other trusted web pages.

Blogging – Blogging is the most famous tool used for off page optimization. Companies develop their blog websites where they are constantly uploading the blogs related to the content/ services they are providing.

Social media tagging – Developing content/videos for Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter etc to increase the reach of your webpage.

How SEO Works

These are a few methods on Off page SEO optimization. But while using these tools web developer needs to be careful.

how seo works
How SEO Works

Because Google has launched tools like panda , Penguin etc to check the quality and source of your content.

Maintaining the suitable visibility at On page SEO and Off Page SEO, you can improve the content. Even when you will want to shift for Paid marketing, then also these tools will enhance the reach of your ad campaign.


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