Google Tools for Webmasters

Google Tools for Webmasters

Google Tools for Webmasters – Spending time on Google is one of the most favourite things to do by the SEO experts. All the businesses that are online or have an online presence struggle hard enough to rank high on Google and come in the scene where they are noticed by the users.

The most common survey says that people who come to Google and search for something on it satisfy their information lust with just the information that appears on the first page of the search engine.

Google Tools for Webmasters

The first page has enough information from the best sources to give it to their users. And this is the reason why the users do not hop onto the other page. There is an extremely rare case in which the users switch from page 1 to page 2 and other pages. This shows how important it is to rank in the first page of Google. 

Google Tools for Webmasters – But ranking high on Google means doing enough effort from the SEO side and also spending enough money on it. The downside continuing about it is that as soon as you stop spending on the Google expense then that will stop working. If your funds are low, you cannot actually do anything but just make your SEO strategies stronger.

Google Tools for Webmasters

Google Tools for Webmasters
Google Tools for Webmasters

But, to make it a little easier, there is a simple tool by Google that can make our work easy by showing in front of us what issues are there that comes in the way of our traffic. It also shows how the rank of our site can improve with better rankings and results.

Google Tools for Webmasters – Google search console is the tool we are talking about here. These Google tools for webmasters are the best. This one is a completely free tool made by Google and gives information direct from the main source, i.e Google. 

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Let us see how it can be useful for the website owners and the SEO experts. 

  1. Start with adding it your website 

Add the free account of GSC to your website and then sign up with that. Verify that you own the site. It is very important for this tool to understand that you own a particular website. But, one down point of this website is that it will never show you the stats of your competitor’s website. You have to start with clicking the “add property” button on the left-hand dropdown.

  1. Check your dashboard

Once the website is verified by Google that it is yours, you will start to see the data on the website. On the dashboard, you will start seeing the different tools out there that will help you with the overview, performance, and the URL inspection.

In the overview section, you will be able to see the rough overview of everything from the keywords to the traffic and everything. It will help you in showing how many pages Google has indexed, the number of sites that are linking to yours, more. Here you can also see a more detailed breakdown of your site’s performance on Google.

  1. Site Index

Google is the biggest search engine in the world but it is not the most perfect thing in the world. Hence, it becomes extremely important for you to configure your website so that the ranking of your website is also good. While you are configuring your website, there are enough things to keep in mind like the coverage, sitemaps, enhancements, manual actions, and links. 

Coverage – There could be some private login areas of your website that you do not want Google to index. You don’t want people to access these areas as they are private to you. In the coverage tab, you can see the basic report of the pages on your site.

Google Tools for Webmasters – There are few categories like pages with an error, valid with warnings, valid, and excluded where this page is broken into. By creating a robots.txt file you can block not just Google, but all search engines from accessing web pages that you don’t want them to get their hands on.

Sitemaps – It is the “table of contents” of your website that will help Google to find every page on your site and find its hierarchy. If you submit a sitemap it will help Google to determine what pages you have on your website so that they can index them. If you don’t submit a sitemap they may not index all of the pages on your website and this would mean that you won’t get enough traffic. 

Google Tools for Webmasters
Google Tools for Webmasters

Enhancements – The “Mobile Usability” is the only enhancement option available for now. The common study is that you will want every page on your website to work on mobile with zero errors. 

Manual Actions – The “No issues detected” is the only notification you need here. And if there are some issues that are found, you need to detect them. 


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