Google Tag Management

Google Tag Management

Google Tag Management – Everything in digital marketing is all about the data. Just building a website is not enough, you have to understand the technicalities of your website. No matter what kind of website you own, it is important to understand the user’s behavior on your website.

Google Analytics are the things that you need to imbibe when you are owning and running a website. A better thing to do here is to use the Google Analytics along with the Google Tag Manager and in this way, you are able to collect as much data as possible for better results. 

Tags are basically the snippets of code which are added to the site. It is used to collect the information and send it to third parties. These tags are used for all kinds of purposes like scroll tracking, conducting surveys, monitoring form submissions, re marketing, generating heat maps, or tracking how the people will arrive at your site. To also check out the other things like to download the files, click on certain links, or remove the products from the cart, tagging is used. 

Google Tag Management

Google Tag Management
Google Tag Management

Google Tag Manager is an easy and a totally user friendly tool that has a web based interface which is used to simplify the process of working with the tags. Using the Google Tag Manager, you can add, edit, and also disable the tags without touching the source code. 

As the name says, Google Tag Manager is a Google tool and it works effectively with Google Analytics and Google AdWords but it also works effectively with the third party tags too like Twitter, Crazy Egg, Hotjar, and Bing Ads to name a few. There are also few types of tags that doesn’t work with GTM. 

Triggers and Containers are the two components of tags and GTM. 

The Pros and Cons of GTM  ( Google Tag Management )

Google Tag Management
Google Tag Management
  • It is still known to add some technical information and features
  • Lessens reliance on web devs
  • It can help a lot of businesses through its use 
  • It can also be used for the mobile apps and the AMP sites
  • The tags would slow down if there is any problem with the speed


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