Console Google

Console Google

Console Google – Lately, a new option is added in the new Google search console for the security issues. The section for the security issues is introduced in Google to let the users find out if there is any security issue with their website.

There are a lot of issues that comes under this category and they are malware, hacked URLs, harmful downloads, deceptive pages, and a lot more.

This was a feature previously too but in the old Google search console. Now, it is placed under a new section with the Manual actions and it is called as the ‘Security and Manual Actions’. This web service is provided by Google free of cost to the webmasters. This is also used to check indexing status and to optimize the visibility of their websites. With this, you can improve your site and also check how Google sees your site. 

Console Google

Console Google
Console Google

The listed Security issues are the problems found by Google found on the verified site that may be harmful to the others. These would include:

  • Phishing and Deceptive sheets – Social engineering
  • Malware infection type: Server configuration
  • Malware infection type: Code injection
  • Hacked type: Code injection
  • Malware infection type: Error template
  • Cross-site malware warnings
  • Hacked type: Content injection
  • Hacked type: URL injection
  • Malware infection type: SQL injection

Google shows and gives notifications if it finds any such activity or security issues in the website. If any such activity is found on your website then Google won’t list your website on its platform on the search results. 

Console Google

To find it directly, you can visit the Google search console and log into the website. On the left side navigation, you have to scroll down to the Security and the Manual actions section.

Console Google
Console Google

If there will be any issue then it will be written over there in red and if there will be no issues on your website related to security then it will state in bold that there are no issues. 

This feature is going to be there for the longest time for the great user experience by Google.

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