Career in SEO

Career in SEO

Career in SEO – SEO is the basic in the Digital marketing career. No digital marketing career can be complete without the SEO. SEO is something that is the backbone and the most crucial thing of the entire digital world.

But, digital marketing career or career in seo is something that is very huge. There are a lot of things that come under digital career with so many topics and each of the topic have a huge field in itself. All of these fields have a career in separate.

And one of the careers based out of digital marketing is the career in SEO. But, before having a career in SEO there are a lot of things that you need to know.

Career in SEO

Career in SEO
Career in SEO

The starting thing to know is whether you must own a degree in the same or not? Well, yes, it is always good to own a degree in a subject that you would want a full time career in. Especially in the subjects and fields like SEO in digital marketing, where there is a full proof course, it is good for you to take that course and understand the concepts of SEO in detail. 

If you don’t have a course and a degree in SEO then you must have enough practice and experience in SEO. If you are able to crack the best SEO practices then that is enough for you to back you a job that would last a lifetime.

It is more about the practical knowledge than the theoretical concepts because practical is the way to go with SEO. Focus on these below points to understand better what we are talking. 

Career in SEO

  1. How to face the clients – Well, it is important to have the practical skills of SEO but that is just half of the job and not complete. The other half of the job is to communicate what is important to the stakeholders. You should be able to talk about the business objectives in the bigger picture. You should be able to explain them the SEO tactics that you are going to apply. 
  • How to show skills without any job history – Having the basic concepts of SEO through some self courses or a full time course is good.
  • But, if you have just some experience of personal SEO through making your own website or writing a blog and putting SEO there also works for the entry level jobs. It can be anything from writing blogs with basic SEO for someone or doing Tumblr write ups too. 
  • What are your actual skill set – Anyone who has the knowledge of the basics of SEO, is a blog writer, can read or code HTML, is familiar with analytics even a bit can go a way long in the world of SEO. 
  • What are some job history that would count – Any kind of job history as a blog writer or a publication writer would work. Your experience always matters even if they teach you the basics of SEO. In SEO, no knowledge is less knowledge and everything is important. 
  • What are the certifications – If you have any kind of certification in the digital marketing domain would work great for you. 

How to find if digital marketing is the career for you or not?

Career in SEO
Career in SEO

Digital marketing is a career that is enticing and totally offbeat. You get to do new things everyday. You get to learn and experiment with new trends at every moment. But, how to find out if career in SEO and digital marketing is good for you or not. Check the pros and cons list for that. 

  1. There is always something new to learn and experiment. This ensures that the work is not going to be boring.
  2. New clients demand new work in the new culture
  3. It is a pure culture of test and learn where you don’t go wrong 
  4. There is nothing as seniority. If your idea works, your idea works. 
  5. You get a chance to interact with bigger business owners and even create business for the new start ups
  6. If you get cooler campaigns you get a chance to fly all over the world. 


  1. When there is a freedom to learn something new, there is a constant change means constant pressure.
  2. It becomes very difficult to maintain the work life balance in this one 
  3. There are enough people having misconceptions about SEO
  4. The clients have unrealistic expectations. 


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