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Cache in Google

Cache in Google – Google cache is basically a snapshot or a copy of a web page that you browsed on Google that Google keeps with itself for records. Google does this as a form of backup so that when that page is down or has temporary timeout, the users can visit the page through cache Google and check those pages.

Also, with the help of this cached data or cached version of the page that Google stores, it helps it to find out what is a good match for your query. Searching for the cache Google page is quite easy and fast on Google because Google server is a lot faster than other servers. You can actually visit the cache Google page faster than the actual page. 

Cache in Google

Cache in Google
Cache in Google

How does Google Cache work?

So, every search that the user does is backed by a link. That link is the cached link and the cached link takes you to the cached version of the actual web page that user was browsing. This link will not take you to the original page but only to the cached page. This feature of cache Google is mostly used to browse a page when it is down for any reason be it just the internet connection. 

Why should anyone use cache in Google ?

  • To access the page when there is a problem in the internet and the actual website doesn’t open up
  • To access the website even if it is down for any reason or slow
  • To check a website that is blocked in your country
  • To see the content of a page that is dynamically generated

How to use Google cache?

  • Visit Google web search text box and add the keyword cache in front of the URL that you want to see for example
  • On the Google web search, there is a cached link available for every website except for the websites that do not allow Google to cache them. Just click the cached link now.
  • In Google Chrome web browser, just use its Address bar as Google Web Search text box. 


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