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Business Listing in Google

Business Listing in Google – The very first step in any kind of SEO strategy is to claim and verify your local business on Google. This can be done through Google My Business or GMB listing. Business listing in Google means increased chances of your business showing up on the Google results in Google local finder, Google local pack, Google maps, and organic ranking in the general.

Also, if you get qualified in the Google local business category then you also get to have a free listing on Google by including all kinds of information about your company like address, opening hours, type of business, etc. 

To take advantage of this feature on the internet, one must use this feature and its advanced techniques for their benefit. This will also increase your chances in the local Google results. 

Business Listing in Google
Business Listing in Google

To claim your business listing in Google, here are some of the steps. 

  1. Visit
  2. Complete each and every piece of information that Google asks for and fill in all the required details
  3. Put some posts on Google just like Social media posts. To do this, you can visit the GMB dashboard and see the post option on the left hand size. You can add pictures here for your audience to see. You can also add a lot of other kinds of posts. 
  4. Use the Booking button feature because that can help you stand out in the crowd. Using people can make reservations and bookings for your business without making a phone call or without actually doing the effort of visiting the place.
  5. Enable the sending message button through Google itself. This makes everything a lot easier. 
  6. Include the GMB online reviews wherein people can put reviews about your business over there. Some good reviews can really help you a lot. You can ask your customers to put in some reviews on Google as well. 
  7. Always add the most simple and accurate business description because that is where people would read and know about you. 
  8. From the services tab, show all the services that you offer and keep everything open for the public to know about your business. 


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