Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is a scary term for the website owners. Bounce rates is the rate that shows how many people visit your website and leave without interacting with it.

They either do not shop, do not leave a comment, do not open any other links, do not explore completely, and so on. Bounce rates shows the number of visitors who bounce off from your website.

A website with high bounce rates is not good and vice versa. Everyone wants to have as less bounce rates on their website as possible.

Logging into the Google analytics page will show you the entire bounce rates data for your website. Bounce rates can be misleading sometimes and the website owners need to figure out how high is too high for the bounce rates. 

Tracking the bounce of the single page, single section, or the entire website is possible. The average number of bounces across all the website pages divided by the total number of visits across all those pages within the same period is how the bounce rates can be calculated.

The business type, country, industry, devices type are some of the things that influence the good average of the bounce rates. 

There are various ways to find the bounce rates of your website like by segmenting it by age, segmenting it by gender, segmenting by affinity, segmenting by location, segmenting for new visitors, segmenting by device, and segmenting by browser.

This can really help you because finding the bounce rates of the entire website will always give misleading numbers as it will be huge. 

Bounce Rate

Things to keep in mind for the entire bounce rate scenario:

  1. Always adjust your bounce rates through scroll percentage events
  2. Use the timer function to adjust your bounce rates

And some ways to decrease the bounce rates that would help you to be better at this game are: 

  1. Review top exit pages
  2. Review in page analytics
  3. View Page timings
  4. Google analytics site speed report
  5. Utilize A/B testing
  6. Make your pages easy to read
  7. Include clear CTAs and also consider their placements 

Bounce Rate


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