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Backlinking in SEO

Backlinking in SEO – Backlinks are the links that are created by a person when he writes or publishes a blog on the website. When the writer or the publisher links another website to his page then that is how the backlink is created. Any link given on the website that links to another website is called as the backlink. It is also called as the incoming links or inbound links. 

For example, there is a website A that is written a blog and has used any article of website B and linked to its own blog website is having an external link to website B. And website B is having a backlink from website A. 

Backlinks are very important for a website because they show a vote of confidence of one website to another website. Backlinks to your website are also a signal to the search engines that others are taking your content seriously and they have trust in your website. 

Backlinking in SEO

Backlinking in SEO

Earning and giving backlinks is very important in the off site SEO. The process of obtaining these links is called as link earning or link building. Backlinking in SEO makes better ranking of the websites on the search engine along with creating a trust factor for your website.

If any popular or extremely big websites give backlinks to your site then the value of these backlinking in SEO is ten times higher than usual. People already believe in the big websites and when they backlink you it means your website is going to be in the eyes of trust too. 

The same scenario goes when a spam or an unpopular websites gives backlinks to you. Backlinking in SEO like this can bring no results to you. Also, one of the most important factors while backlinking in SEO between the two sites is that both of the websites should be related to each other in terms of the genre or category of the website or at least in the category of the article in which the backlinks are made.

You would also need to perform competitive backlink research for this so that your backlinking goes correct. 


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