Article Spinning – SEO With Google

Article Spinning

Article Spinning – SEO keeps getting changed and there are tonnes of changes that have gone when it comes to SEO.

The Google and the other algorithms keep on changing and it is very important to be updated with the latest SEO techniques. Using the outdated SEO wouldn’t help at all for the website ranking. Hence, you should avoid using the outdated SEO techniques. 

Here are some of the outdated SEO techniques that you should always avoid doing. Article Spinning is also one of the outdated SEO techniques that aren’t going to work anymore. 

Article Spinning
Article Spinning

#1 Keyword Abuse

There is a proper and a required way to use the keywords for ranking it well. But, a lot of marketers do it wrong by using irrelevant keywords, not using the correct keyword density, and doing useless keyword stuffing. These are all keyword abuse that should be stopped. 

#2 Writing for Robots 

A bad content is the one in which the keywords are repeated again and again in an improper way just to make the website rank. The crawlers can identify this very easily today and this isn’t going to work. You have to start for the people and not for the robots just to make it rank better.

#3 Article Marketing and Article Directories

These two have stopped working post the Google Panda update of 2011. This update started removing the articles that were plagiarized or badly written. Article marketing also doesn’t work in today’s world making it sure that the content needs to be high class and original

#4 Article Spinning

Article Spinning is a black hat tactics of just rewriting the quality content using different words and phrases. This is typically done with software. The end result was a mess of an article that means just doing so much effort but in a wrong way and yielding results but it is ineffective. 

Article Spinning

#5 Buying Links

This is one of the shadiest SEO tactics ever done and still people are doing it by beating the webmasters through different tactics. But, it should be stopped as it is unethical. Buying links won’t help in better ranking on search engines anymore. 


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