Anchor Text

Anchor Text

Anchor Text – While you read articles online, you come across texts that are blue (or in different colour) from the other lines of the texts.

They are also underlined. These are clickable links meaning when you touch those links they would open up into other links. These kind of clickable links are called as the anchor texts. People do this on their website because of two reasons.

One reason is that SEO suggests that it is a great practice to induce more other links in the blog rather than just plain writing of the texts. And the other reason is that you can promote your another article smartly in this article and bring views to another article from the current article.

The keywords that are used in the anchor text are one of the many signals search engines that are used to determine the topic of the webpage. The colour of the anchor texts is blue by default but using the html code, it can also be changed to other colours. 


Anchor Text
Anchor Text

The other names given to anchor texts are link labels and link title. The words to be used in the anchor texts are very crucial as they also decide the ranking of the page in the search engines.

There are a lot of links on the web without the anchor texts and they are called as the naked URLs. Using the anchor texts properly makes sure that your site can rank higher on the search engines. Also, different browsers display anchor text differently. 

There are different types of anchor text

#1 Exact Match Anchor text

It has the same keyword highlighted as the targeted keywords of the webpage 

#2 Backlink Anchor Text

A backlink is a link from another website. The anchor texts that the other websites are using linking to your website are called backlink anchor texts. 

#3 One way Anchor Text Backlinks

If website 1 links to website 2 with an anchor text backlink and website 2 does not link with website 1 then it is one way anchor texts backlinks. 

Anchor Text
Anchor Text

Excessive anchor text, spammy anchor texts, and anchor texts distribution are some of the other types of anchor texts. 


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