Analyze Site

Analyze Site

Analyze Site – For any kind of online business it is very important to rank in the first few pages of Google. It is a common search behavior pattern of the users that they do not keep searching for information ideally for more than 2 pages on Google.

Hence, to let your content reach the users you have to make sure that your page ranks well on the search engine. For this, SEO analysis has to be done.

Analyze Site

Analyze Site
Analyze Site


SEO analysis is basically a tool that is used to study how people can improve their website to rank higher in the Google page. SEO analysis is a very powerful tool that helps you understand what all SEO things that you have done are working for you and what practices are going to waste.

It shows the areas for improvement along with the obstacles that are coming your way to make your website rank higher in the search engines.

To analyze site SEO you can do these things and they can turn out to be useful for you. 

  • Start with testing SEO of your website. Analyze site by checking the basic structure, loading speed, and the content. 
  • The next step to analyze site is to complete SEO scanning for the website. You would have to scan a lot of pages with the crawler.
  • List your keywords first and then also discover tonnes of other keywords that you might use. You can compare the keywords too. 
  • Now, with all these you can create optimized articles

Some of the best SEO tools to analyze site in 2019 are

  • MOZ – SEO software
  • SEMrush – Marketing SEO tools
  • Google search console – Top SEO tool
  • KWFinder – SEO keyword tool
  • SpyFu – Free SEO tools
  • Uber Suggest – Keyword Tracking tool
  • Ahrefs – SEO keyword tool 
  • Answer the Public – Free SEO tools

How to find the best keyword for your website?

Analyze Site
Analyze Site

You can use these steps to find the best working keywords in the search engine and you can use them. 

  • In the keyword explorer, type in your website URL
  • Select your country based audience and click the search button
  • You will get the top ranking keywords 


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