Analytics in Marketing

Analytics in Marketing

Analytics in Marketing – To keep the game of the website up and running, it is very important to do the website analysis.

And honestly, the digital marketers work on it regularly as a priority basis. But, website analysis isn’t totally enough to let the website work. Hence, there comes a need for another tool and that is Marketing analytics tool.

Basically, measuring and optimizing the marketing activities is analytics in marketing. In the web analytics, marketers see how the website is performing. But, in marketing analytics, marketers would see how the marketing strategies that they are using are performing.

Analytics in Marketing
Analytics in Marketing

Marketing analysis focuses on offsite metrics and on the other tools other than the on-site metrics. To start the analytics in marketing, you have to ask a few questions to yourself like 

  • how the marketing activities that you have used are performing
  • how do the marketing activities used by you are working in the long run
  • how are your competitors using your time and resources
  • how does your marketing analytics data that you extract inform you in the next decision that you are about to make 

To start the analytics in marketing, there are a lot of new approaches in the analytics. There is a learning curve for this. Some up front explanation and defining are required for the marketing analysis.

Analytics in Marketing
Analytics in Marketing

There are different parts of the marketing analytics that needs to be broken down for various uses. Once you ask these questions to yourself then you can work ahead with the marketing analytics. 

Mistakes with Analytics in Marketing

  • To think that it is a CMO’s job
  • To set it and forget about it
  • To fail to evangelise the wins and losses 

Rectifying these mistakes and errors would help you have a better analytics in marketing. Marketing analytics should always be combined with the marketing program but this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the web analytics.

It is the combination of these two that makes everything better for the website. All the successful marketers use this tactics and this is how their websites do good ranking. 


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