Analytical Tools of Data

Analytical Tools of Data

Analytical Tools of Data – It is very important for the companies to use data analysis by using the data analytical tools and techniques. By analyzing data, one can extract actionable and relevant information to boost the performance.

To enhance your business and increase your skills, you can use a lot of tools that are available online for free. We are listing here some of the analytical tools of data that are free, easy to use, are well documented, and have power capabilities to do things. 

Analytical Tools of Data

Analytical Tools of Data
Analytical Tools of Data

#1 Tableau Public

You don’t need programming skills for this one and you can publish interactive data visualization to the web for free. The visualizations published into this tool can be embedded into blogs and other pages. 

#2 Open Refine

It helps in cleaning the messy data and transform that data. It is also used for parsing data from the websites. It was formerly called as the Google Refine. 


This is one of the top analytical tools of data that is helped to analyze and manipulate and model data through visual programming. This supports programming languages. These kinds of analytical tools of data can be extended to run chemistry data, python, text mining, and R. 

#4 Rapid Miner

It is more or less similar to KNIME. It helps in providing integrated environment for predictive analysis, text mining, data mining, business analysis, and machine learning. It is also used for education, research, training, application development, and rapid prototyping. 

#5 Google Fusion Tables

This is one of the best Analytical tools of data to use for data analysing. It visualises bigger data table online by filtering and summarising across thousands of rows throughout. It combines tables with other data on the web. With this, one can combine public data with your own for better visualisation. 

Analytical Tools of Data
Analytical Tools of Data

#6 NodeXL

This is also ranked as one of the analytical tools of data online. This helps in graph visualisation, data import, graph analysis, and data representation. It integrates into Microsoft Excel from 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016. The best part of this is that it opens up as a workbook with a variety of sheets. 


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