Amp Test

Amp Test

Amp test is the tests of the Accelerated Mobile Pages launched by Google and is given an abbreviation as AMP. It was launched to make the mobile web browsing faster. The use of AMP is that it helps you to rank higher in the mobile searches. However, the pages have to be valid mobile web pages to rank in the AMP search results.

To get your pages indexed in Google for mobile web, it is very important to remove any errors and warnings to get the proper AMP test. There are different types of AMP errors and fixing them is very important to rank high in the AMP test. 


Amp Test
Amp Test

Amp Test

Here are some of the AMP errors and here is how to fix them. 

#1 Browse Development Tools

  • Open the AMP page in the browser
  • Add “#development=1” to the URL
  • Visit Chrome DevTools console and check for all the validation errors

#2 AMP Validator Browser Extension

  • Download the AMP Validator browser extension from chrome and browse the pages on your site. 
  • This plugin will automatically check each page for AMP plugin
  • If the page passes AMP validation, it will turn green

#3 AMP web Validator

With the help of this, one can directly paste the source code and check for any possible errors. The validation status will show as pass or fail on screen. 

Once all the errors are fixed in the development stage, they can be uploaded on the main server. Once they are uploaded on the server, you must again recheck the validity of the AMP pages. This can be done by the AMP test tool by Google. 

You also need to monitor the AMP pages regularly via search console. There are some errors that can’t be fixed in the development stage and those errors can only be identified after Google crawls and indexes your site.

Amp Test
Amp Test

In the Google search console, you will identify all your errors and the warnings that Google may have identified on the website. It is really helpful for the overall errors detection of the website post the development stage too. 


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