AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages РWe all know people have come to mobiles, tablets now as compared to systems, laptops. We all search on mobile phones. When we are searching on the mobile phone if a website is taking more time for loading then normally we come to the search engine and open the next website. 

We have to use AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages Plugin for speeding our web pages.

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages 

First time when the search engine google launches mobile-friendliness update so at that time people work on it & it becomes one of the important factors nowadays. We have to optimize your web pages for the mobile.

If your speed is slow for mobile then more than 50 % delay your website & not come to the website again. The AMP plugin will cut down the download up to 90%.

AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages

The web pages that are AMP optimized will rank better and they most certainly convert more mobile page visitors into customers.

You have to make good content & also make your website fast so that it is user-friendly If user-friendly then google make more money & also the website owners earn more money.

AMP pages use optimized HTML code to load faster because certain HTML code tag aspects that would otherwise slow down the page are eliminated.

Benefits of AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages :

  1. It will reduce bounce rate, If your bounce rate is less then onsite experience increases, Google will rank you higher than websites having non-AMP pages.
  2. The user loves the fast loading web page, Speed with good content is important. As per the results from the organizations the 1-second delay in load time will lower the conversion rate up to 5% & increases the bounce rate up to 10%.
  3. You will convert the users into targeted customers otherwise not.
  4. We must be updated to mobile updates, advanced features, & Tools & etc.
  5. Both site speed & conversion rate is good then users will subscribe to the Channel/List/Webpage or selling of product are more chances.
  6. You have to Track the user from where the user is coming, Tracking helps you determine where people came from & we have to work for, which pages they viewed & it will solve the problem.
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages
AMP Accelerated Mobile Pages


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