What is SEM

what is SEM

What is SEM – When we discuss the Digital marketing services the most frequently used terms are SEO and SEM. So, what exactly are these terms? And how they can be useful to us?

In today’s blog, we will get to know more about SEM in digital marketing.

What is SEM

Search engine marketing ( SEM) is a paid form of digital marketing services. SEM analysis helps to increase the traffic on websites & webpages through paid ads on search engines.

To get the maximum digital marketing benefit through SEM the most preferred tool is Google Ads ( formerly known as Google Adwords).
Google Ads help in improving the content of your website and increase its reach among viewers through bidding.

How exactly the bidding of Social Adwords takes place?

What is SEM – The bidding takes place on the basis of the search volume of the keywords. Greater the search volume more will be the bidding amount.

what is SEM
SEO With Google

But the PPC of your Digital marketing blogs solely doesn’t depend on the bidding of keywords. In short, it means that SEM in digital marketing is dependent upon various tools and terms.

What is SEM

There are few terms mention below related to Digital Marketing blogs

Paid search ads

Paid search advertising

Pay per click ( PPC)

Cost per click ( CPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) – is the amount an advertiser is paying to the publisher of their ads depending upon the number of clicks.

PPC and Quality score of your content define the ranking of your website on a search page.

Ad Rank = CPC bid * Quality Score

What is SEM – Quality score defines the quality of the content you are posting through digital marketing blogs/ads.The better the quality of keywords better will be your score.

Hence Quality score will directly lead to Good ranking of your Ads on the search engine.

Through SEM analysis we can say that because one company has bid maximum for the highest search keywords doesn’t imply that their Ads ranking will be surely increased by Google.

Apart from this, there are few updates which Google has done in Digital marketing services which keeps the track of volume and quality of social Adwords used while SEM analysis of your paid marketing Campaign.

So, we can conclude the apart from constantly using SEM digital marketing services, one has to constantly keep the track of daily changes taking place in Google Algorithms.

If Your digital marketing blogs are not following Google updates then there could be a chance that Google might read your blogs/Ads as Spam and will stop showing them on the search page.

What is SEM
What is SEM

With this closing the discussion with few insights about the SEM analysis and various Digital marketing services like Social Adwords.


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