What is Click Through Rate

What is Click Through Rate

What is Click Through Rate – CTR refers to the click through rate. It is referred to how many clicks on the ads received by the advertisers per no of impressions in online advertising of our business.  What is Click Through Rate –

The formula of CTR is – Total Clicks on Ad / Total Impressions= Click Through Rate 

CTR good must be essential for your PPC to get successful. If you want more about PPC you can go through the PPC article on our website. When you are getting a score of CTR it will increase your quality score. 

What is Click Through Rate

If you want to check your CTR score you can view it on the dashboard of your PPC account. A high CTR means that a high percentage of people who see your ad & click on it.

We know that Google is a brand and there are many other search engines and they all offer benefits who makes the users happy with their ads.

What is Click Through Rate
What is Click Through Rate

It will lead us to get a good quality score as they are directly proportional to each other, they also provide you with the ads on top of it with cost-effective.

If you are advertising on queries & getting a very high click-through rate, that users are liking your content & you are driving more people to your website.

How to check our click through rate is good or not?

CTR depends totally on industries to industries. The best answer is that it depends upon many things like:

  1. Campaign.
  2. Keyword.
  3. Industry Wise.
  4. Business2business.

The average CTR in any ads is normally about 2% for the searching and 0.5% for the display. 

The rule of thumb states that the ctr of Good AdWords is varying from 4% to 5% on the search network or 0.5 to 1% on the display network.

People looking for the Higher CTR but if it is not done in the right direction it will lose your money more and you get no response like you are doing ads for that keyword that are not suitable for the business so it becomes bad for your business.

So do it in the right direction by taking keywords that are relevant & affordable for the business that helps you make good sales.

What is Click Through Rate
What is Click Through Rate

A good CTR means that first targeting the right words so that as many people can click on those ads & you will get a good response.

For getting Good CTR in PPC then do this:

  1. Bid on the targeted keywords.
  2. Use latest tools for finding keywords and the integration on the landing page.
  3. Use Efficient the cost per click.


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