What is PPC Marketing

ppc marketing

PPC Marketing – Pay Per Click also known as cost per click in short- PPC or CPC. This is a tool which is used to drive traffic to the website, in which the company pays the publisher for making the traffic flow into his website.

Why One Should Do PPC Marketing:

what is ppc marketing
what is ppc marketing
  • It gives you results quick
  • Pay per click would help you drive traffic directly and it gives results really quick so you don’t have to invest and wait for outcome so long.
  • You are in driver’s seat for your campaigns and your amount spent
  • Its always on you how much you want to spend on PPC you can begin with a small investment and capital and wait for results and decide if you are doing it anymore or not. If it has helped you or not!
  • It is precise
  • It is transparent, no third-party involvement so that you can check everything on your own and know the live status
  • Results are easy to track
  • It gets along with other types of marketing channels well
  • It maybe for you to boost customer flow into your website or to make your brand name popular or to make your product stable into busy market world. This is certainly very much important as without this you will be wondering into the market paying for PPC and getting nothing back into return.

PPC Marketing

  • Doing Research Work
  • Searching Keywords
  • Making Campaigns
  • Inspecting Your Results
  • Remodelling

PPC Marketing

What is PPC Marketing
What is PPC Marketing

Major platforms for PPC

  1. Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s primary PPC advertising platform. Google offers pay-per-click advertising on its Search Network and search partner sites along with image and video advertising on its Display Network.

  1. Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft Advertising (formally Bing Ads) is Microsoft’s PPC advertising platform. The platform allows pay-per-click advertising on its Search Network and search partner sites along with native advertising on Microsoft-owned web properties.

  1. Amazon advertising

Amazon advertising is the fastest-emerging PPC platform for e-commerce retailers. Amazon empowers advertisers to create display- and shopping-focused campaigns that promote their products on Amazon’s shopping network.


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