Google Adwords Keyword Tool Free

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Free

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Free – Keyword planner is the new Google AdWords keyword tool. This is a tool that combines the elements of the two existing keyword tools which are the Adwords traffic estimator and the Google keyword tool. This is created with the combination of these two to add more structure and integrate the workflow.

The new tool of Google is a more focused tool that is created of both the tools. The main motive of creating this keyword planner tool is to make it easy for advertisers to create easy ad campaigns within no time. This would make it easier for you to get into the PPC account faster. 

The previous tools were a little more unstructured and had general purposes instead of having the specific purposes out there. Those tools were used for anything and everything even for the keyword research for SEO. And on the other hand, the new Google Adwords keyword tool is an ultimate adword campaign building workshop. It has more of a wizard type of interface. 

Google Adwords Keyword Tool Free

Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Google Adwords Keyword Tool Free

The first step in the keyword planner tool is to pick any of the three possible paths. 

  1. Search for the keyword and the ad group ideas
  2. Enter or upload keywords to get the estimates
  3. Multiply keyword lists to get the estimate 

Once you enter the keyword planner tool, you get to decide and brainstorm keywords using any of the three methods. 

  1. Search by keyword wherein you can type a word or a phrase that is relevant to your business
  2. Search by the Landing page by just entering the landing page on your site. The keyword planner will scan and infer the keywords that would be relevant to those pages. 
  3. Search by Product category from where you can select one of thousands of predefined keyword categories. 

In this keyword planner tool you can also filter keywords from the keyword plan by doing the estimated search volume, by average CPC, by keyword competition, by filtering by keywords, by excluding the keywords that are already in your account. 

Google Adwords Keyword Tool
Google Adwords Keyword Tool Free

Other things that you can do here are set the target parameters, have the benefit of the list view vs the grouped view, get estimates and review your plan, and even enter your own keyword list. 

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