Google Adwords Express Account

Google Adwords Express Account

Google Adwords Express Account – Adword Express has joined the Google AdWords platform and Google is notifying its users about it. The Adwords express is now Google AdWords Express.

The campaigns of Adwords Express are now available on Google ads as the smart campaigns. The Adwords Express was originally designed to help the small businesses and be a stand alone venture.

But now, the Adwords express is Google Adwords express and hence it comes under the smart campaigns that works in the same way as the Adwords express but it has some better and improved features now. 

Google Adwords Express Account

Google Adwords Express
Google Adwords Express Account

The features of Google Edward express under the Smart campaign are as follows:

  1. Pay only when there is a click on your ad by anyone
  2. Create an online ad in an extremely easy way and that too quickly
  3. Use the feature of Google maps listing and attract more customers to your website 
  4. The online management is minimal and Google ads itself runs ads for you
  5. Review how well your ad has performed in the dashboard section of your account
  6. Reach customers through the ads both on desktop and mobile. 

Some of the best and the most useful features available in the Smart Campaign are:

  1. Critical account alerts that gives the important notifications about the campaigns, billing issues, and others
  2. It gives an overall campaign overview that contains all the Google generated performance insights. 
  3. It has an effective Google Analytics section that tracks the action taken by the visitors on your website after they click your ad. 
  4. It also helps you with the verified caller where it has all the data and also shows you all the calls that you get from a campaign. It shows the call history along with the number of clicks. 
  5. It has the Ad scheduling option in the tab section where one can choose the days and the time of the week when one can run their ad. 

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In the Smart Campaigns, Google is open on Facebook so that it can help with the future updates. The best part is that the advertisers can also share the feedback using the Leave Feedback option. 

Google Adwords Express
Google Adwords Express Account


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