Google Ads Express Campaign

Google Ads Express Campaign

Google Ads Express Campaign – Google AdWords Express was launched in 2011 with an aim to set out to provide an accessible entry to the Pay Per Click for the small businesses. The target market is the spot where the large number of marketers who do not have the expertise or the time to invest in the advanced Adwords campaign.

The advanced Adwords campaign have a lot of complex features and tactics and they cannot be used by the basic level marketers. Hence, the complex features may not be helpful for them to bring in use in their business. 

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Adwords Express provides a streamlined platform that is suitable for the time poor small business owners. To set it up, you just have to choose your business strategy, create an ad, choose your target locations, set your daily and the monthly budget.

Adwords Express have made advertising enough easy. Here we are showing some of the tips that would help you to plan a successful Adwords Express campaign. 

Google Ads Express Campaign

Google Ads Express
Google Ads Express Campaign
  1. To begin with the budget, start with a small one. Set a minimum budget for the month of $300 or less. 
  2. The next important thing to do would be linking Google AdWords Express and Analytics. 
  3. Take the help of the variety of resources for any issues that you encounter for the same. Most of your issues would be solved through this one. It is not as effective as the Adwords Customer but still it is great. 
  4. Get as much information as possible when it comes to the Quality Score. Quality Score is a very important thing in the paid search marketing. This one help you to decide what you will be paying for each click. This one will also help you in telling where your ads would appear in the search results option. 
  5. Make sure to get granular with your keywords and switch off the irrelevant keywords. 
  6. Take full use of geo-targeting and ad scheduling. 
  7. Enable call reporting in your tab. 
  8. The best thing about the Google AdWords Express is that it also has an app. It is a lot better than the desktop version and user friendly. 
Google Ads Express
Google Ads Express Campaign


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