Examples of Advertising

Examples of Advertising

Examples of Advertising – Creative advertising is not a myth. Also, it is not rocket science that would require enough of your skills or knowledge.

It just requires careful creativity. Clever advertising is something in which you have to keep moving forward your thoughts in the simplest and the most impact way. Here are some examples of advertising that shows how clever you can be with just a little effort. 

Examples of Advertising

Examples of Advertising
Examples of Advertising

#1 Ad by the Bangalore Traffic 

This is such a strong poster that shows what talking on the phone while being stuck at the traffic can do to you. You see this ad and you can feel it. This is the impact of the thought. One of the best examples of advertising done in a creative way. 

#2 Berger Paint Billboard Ad

This ad is from 2009 and this one is one of the most environment friendly ads ever where the painter is seen painting the canvas in the colour of the sky. The creativity level along with the 3D level is amazing for sure. 

#3 Banner Game by Ariel

It is crazy how the banner ads are created so effectively. Ariel is a detergent brand that is known to clean the clothes like never before. The same thing is shown in the banner where the entire poster is white indicating its use with its name at the corner. 

#4 Hello, Ad game of Tide

Tide is known for impact Full and hilarious ads. This is one of the best examples of advertising where everything is dirty except the shirt washed in tide. Nothing could be simpler and more effective than this ad. This definitely stays in the mind of the viewers. 

#5 King of ads, Fevicol

Fevicol is known to have created ads that stays in the minds of the viewers and never fade away. You can search for any old Fevicol ad and you will see that you remember it like this one. This truck has Fevicol in it and has a lot of people on board.

Examples of Advertising
Examples of Advertising

This shows how people are stuck in because of Fevicol and how strong is Fevicol to hold things. 

Source of this blog – https://www.dailymoss.com/best-indian-advertisements/


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