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Creative Ads

Creative Ads – Though digital marketing looks totally technical but it is also full of creativity. Over the past several years, enough creativity has been shown in the digital marketing domain. Creative ads are the talk of the town and people as users are looking for having more creative ads.

These days, the digital marketing is not only done to do direct marketing but to help the brand in a lot of other ways. The market of the digital advertising is basically about the three types of advertising and they are:

Creative Ads

Creative Ads
Creative Ads
  • Concept ads – to drive interest and awareness
  • Content ads – to turn desire and interest
  • Commerce ads – to fulfill the desire with the tangible actions

These three advertising types and concepts simplify the marketing planning and advertising and the ways in which media, strategy, and creative execution are put together in the pursuit of the marketer’s goal. 

Concept Ads – At the top of the funnel is the concept ads. Their goal is to generate brand awareness and creates intent for the purchase. This concept of the concept ads is for the fully finished products. A digital concept ad is the best way to tell the story of the brand. These ads would continue to be in demand because the digital concept ads work to drive the brand value. 

Content Ads – It is the middle funnel goal of the ads pyramid. It is for the enhancing of the understanding of the customers towards the brand or the product. This is accomplished by providing high quality content. This content is the one with which the viewer can engage. Engagement can be anything from reading, viewing, sharing, or commenting. The content ads can also be said as the collection of brand assets and often they have no fixed rules about rendering and compilation. 

Commerce Ads – This is at the end of the funnel. Their basic work is to dominate the display today. Their work is to ubiquitously deliver performance. These ads are not experimentally or typically rich but the serving logic that is created is sophisticated enough to ensure that the right offer is served to the right user. It is used along with the clicks and conversions. 


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