Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate – In the simplest words, conversion rate is the number of conversions made on your website. It is the percentage of visitors that came to your website that complete a desired goal of making conversions out of the total number of visitors.

If the website has a higher conversion rate then that means the website has successful marketing and web design. It simply means you are exactly offering the things people are looking for and they are buying from your website. 

Conversion rates vary differently for different business models and industries and it is never going to be the same. A good or higher conversion rate means more people visiting your website and taking action on it that helps you to grow your business.

No matter what business you are offering through your website, if the user makes the final call for example buys a product, fills out a form, watches a video, reads a blog, takes the course, etc are conversions made on your website. 

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate

If your website has a lower conversion rate than the average then it could mean that your website is difficult to browse or the landing page is making it difficult for the users to make any action. It can also simply mean that your offer is off base or too expensive for the buyers or not valuable enough for your audience.

You have to make sure that your offer is right and understandable to your audience. And once that is done, you have to optimize your site for conversions. Just by optimizing your site, you can improve your conversion rate. 

Here are some tips to optimize your website better:

  • Try using high contrast color on your website or enlarge the site of your button
  • Your headline on each page should clearly communicate your value proposition
  • All the important page elements like the forms and the buttons should be above the fold
  • Always choose high quality product images for your website
  • Along with great pictures, also try to add some videos to the landing page
  • Use strong and easy CTA for the users
  • Do A/B testing on each of your page to see which page drives the most conversion
  • Always ensure that your website and landing pages work great both on mobile and desktop. 

Conversion Rate


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